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13 Amazing ACNH Garden Ideas – For Inspiration [2023]

As one of the best social simulation games out in the market Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a wonderful title. One of its greatest strengths is its appeal to a wide audience ranging a wide span of ages and personalities. Players gain control over a deserted island and can customize it as they like while creating a space for their citizens. Through this customization, players can create wonderful and stunning islands down to the smallest details. One of the largest builds for players is generally the gardens. This causes ACNH garden ideas to become very prominent on every player’s island as they work to make it the best they can.

Gardens are incredibly important as they cover some of the main areas on the island and serve as hubs for social interaction. This makes creating the ultimate garden a must-do task no matter who’s playing. However, players don’t do this simply to please themselves and their villagers. They do this to show off their skills to their friends as they visit their islands and check out their designs.

How to create ACNH Garden Ideas?

This leads many to think of unique designs and ideas for their ACNH garden as well as other areas. Here we will focus on ACHN garden ideas and how you can go about thinking up your ideal look. For starters, it is important to know with which tools and decorative objects we can work. To do this it is best to browse the shops and take a look at what you can craft. If you are very early on into the game you can always turn to online articles such as this one and look at some already-built farms. By doing this you get a grasp of the tools at your disposal and what you can do with them, as well as what works well together. We recommend that you take note of specific styles as well as their color and item palettes.

However, if you prefer to avoid looking up designs you can always try to draw up some ideas and designs. ACNH is a game that has many different tools you can use to create an amazing farm in a very unique style. Just make sure to tie in the design of the garden with the surrounding area. As one of the most important parts of this process, it will completely fulfill any requirements you may have.

Before we get into the ideas take note that you should plan your steps ahead of time starting off with the design and layout. From here you can determine the materials you will need as well as the furniture for any interiors. After this focus on plantation and decoration whilst keeping in mind seasonal changes as you work your way towards personalization. Based on your previous choices you might need to do some maintenance each season.

Our List of ACNH Garden Ideas

Without further ado let’s take a look at the top 13 ACNH garden ideas we have chosen to highlight. Each of our selections offers a unique visual aesthetic and covers a variety of crops and builds. Through our picks, we have included a wide variety of designs and styles that can stand independently or mix with others. So always keep your mind open and think if you can combine some of these ideas into one unique one that is your own. 

Furthermore, while you might not get inspired by these ideas or might not like them at all you will get some takeaway. More specifically we are referring to the complementing colors and palettes to the intricate ways players add detail. This includes combining multiple items and decorative pieces that work together uniquely. No matter how experienced with the game you are there is always room to learn more about these, and that is why we recommend that you look through all of our pics for the best ACNH garden ideas. As you might pick up a few new and unique methods that can help your builds in the future.

13# Simple Greenhouse Ideas

Our first pick for the ACNH garden ideas list is this wonderful and simple greenhouse and garden design. The build features one distinct style as it takes elements from swampcore to fit in with its surroundings. The centerpiece is the greenhouse which is surrounded by greenery and sports many butterflies around it. These catch the eye and help anyone visiting to keep their focus on the main building. To compliment the structure there is a great pond in front that matches the aesthetic. 

Another notable detail is the dark flowers spread about between the many sculptures. This combination paired with the greenery sets the tone for the greenhouse and garden in front. We highly recommend that you inspect this build closely as it perfectly deals with asymmetry and palette matching. 

12# Tropical Backyard Garden

The next build on our list of the best ACNH garden ideas is this tropical garden build. What makes this design stand out is its perfect transitioning into each season as we can see how well it works during winter. This makes it one of the best designs to put up since you won’t ever have to swap it as the seasons change. It is immediately apparent that the primary elements of the build are beach trees and bamboo trees paired with many colorful flowers. This combination creates a timeless piece that can be easily complimented with many different decorative items.

Here we can see a butterfly statue and bicycle implemented, and we must say they fit perfectly. Even during the winter, they help portray the tropical essence of the design. Which is exactly why they are there, so remember this trick for your future designs.

11# The Secret Garden 

The Secret Garden
Source: consolecaito

This next design is the secret garden design and it is a great idea that can be adapted in many ways. As one of the most unique and widely applicable ACNH garden ideas we highly recommend that you try this one. The secret garden in this example is located between some buildings and features a small cove full of lush beauty. However, you can always switch this up if you wish to implement this by changing up its position. One of the best alternatives could be behind a natural mountain or near a waterfall. This can open up many possibilities to have a natural beauty and secret area on the island.

No matter which you choose it is bound to be impressive for anyone visiting your island.

10# Garden Maze

Our next pick for the best ACNH garden ideas is a hedge garden maze. This is one of the simplest and yet best designs to add onto a straight plane. Build will look amazing especially if you pay attention to the details and paths you choose. Hedge mazes are great as they will not only look amazing but can be repurposed to function as a fun minigame for your friends as you time them as they run through it. Overall this design is a timeless piece that is infinitely customizable only limited by your imagination. 

9# Small Flower Shop Ideas

acnh garden ideas small flower shop

Source: ashplayscrossings

The small flower shop is another amazing ACNH garden idea as it incorporates a fun building into your garden. A flower shop is a very easy building to create and customize to your preferences. Which makes it one of the best decorative buildings in the game. Especially once you consider the many types of flowers that are available in the game.

In this design, we can see a simple flower shop that seamlessly fits into its surroundings but stands out thanks to the popping colors. While this one is on the simpler side you can always go for a grand look and expand the front porch of the shop with more flowers.

8# Fairy Rock Garden

One of the more unique ACNH garden ideas is a fairy rock garden. This design as seen above is incredibly colorful and encompasses the fairy theme. The circular shape of the rocks can be changed however you wish into any shape. This offers a great variety if you choose to do this design. Additionally, the flowers that add the pink that ties this to the fairy design are stunning. But you can always swap them out to your favorite color or a color of a certain theme. 

This makes this design incredibly customizable and a great template that can fill any large area in a pretty way.

7# Elegant Garden Wedding

An elegant garden wedding garden is a grand project that will lift your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island instantly. While the build is very grand it is fairly simple once you get the hang of the design. Ultimately the effort will be well worth it as it will create the best setting for an elegant wedding. For those who don’t want to go as grand as this design, you can always take elements from the build and implement them in your ACNH garden ideas.

If you do make up your mind to replicate this design, be prepared to farm up a lot of materials before you even start.

6# Botanical Garden

botanical garden
Source: sparksby

This build is on our list of the best ACNH Garden Ideas thanks to its grand scale and unique design. By transforming your entire island into a grand botanical garden you can completely change the feeling of the game. This project is another large one that can teach you many valuable skills around greenery design. Furthermore, you can also see which plants work well together and with which wood they pair.

Overall this project can be resized and changed up in many ways thanks to its intuitive nature. Additionally, the design opens up the creativity for players through accent colors on each area of the island. This makes it a very fun and beautiful design once completed. 

5# Elegant Plaza Garden

elegant plaza garden acnh garden ideas
Source: Toffee

More often than not when building or thinking of ACNH garden ideas you will associate statues and marble with them. This is exactly what the elegant plaza garden design utilizes to its advantage. By mixing the statues and marble with the greenery it gives the all-too-familiar palette that just works. However, this design stands out as it perfectly accents these elements by utilizing blue and white flowers spread around. As a design that is very customizable, you can definitely change up the color scheme with the flowers. This can dramatically change the tone of the island especially if you choose bolder colors.

4# Vegetable Backyard Garden

vegetable backyard garden
Source: Marit Plays

A vegetable backyard garden is an amazing ACNH garden idea as it combines looks and utility into one. Vegetables just like other vegetation are great ways to customize and decorate an area. Simply implementing a few through a farm can immediately make a large difference as they tell a story and bring life to the area. Furthermore, the greenhouse in the back is made uniquely as it is a completely open space. This opens up the backyard and gives it a larger purpose.

Of course, you can customize this design and change everything to your preference. But before you do take note of some of the combinations and pairings in this build as they are truly unique. 

3# Rainbow Flower Garden

Our next pick for the best ACNH garden ideas is a rainbow flower garden. This design is one of the simplest yet most captivating quick builds you can pull off. This perfectly utilizes the many colors of the flowers to create a captivating design. The best part about this build is that you can make it as long and tall as you like. This makes it incredibly versatile and useful on every island no matter the size. This garden can also be a great way to show off your unique flower collection.

Furthermore, you can use this design to create rainbow frames around your other builds. Of course, you can always change up the rainbow design to create flags, pixel art, and so much more.

2# Apple Orchard

Source: Fleurs

This edition on our list of ACNH garden ideas is the simple yet interesting apple orchard. For apple lovers, this is the best build that is easy to make but will look good no matter what. All it takes is a few apple trees and a sense of what you want as the centerpiece. In this example, we have an apple storage space and a picnic table. However, these elements can be changed into whatever you feel fits best. As it is up to you, you can even build a larger apple farm or cover your whole island with apple trees. No matter your decision this simple design is sure to look amazing on your island. Additionally, while you build this you will get a good stockpile of apples that you can sell to earn some money.

1# Zen Sand Garden

Our last pick and one of the most unique ACNG garden ideas is a zen sand garden. While you can’t create a zen garden like you may see in real life, you can come pretty close. All you need is a few stones to spawn in the right places to get you going. By utilizing bamboo and bamboo wood you can hit the zen aesthetic and design perfectly. As you can see in the video the garden is adorned with stone and bamboo atop of sand. This is paired with the edition of a sandstone pathway that perfectly pairs with the large stones scattered across. Another highlight is the fountain that serves as a really nice eye-catch. Finally, to finish off the build and set the mood a bamboo soundbar is a great choice.

Of course just like the other builds on this list you can customize this to fit the shape and size of your island. However, we recommend that you try not to go too small as these gardens work best when they are a bit bigger.

Final Thoughts about ACNH Garden Ideas

ACNH garden ideas are not far few as there are thousands you can think up in just a few minutes. The infinite possibilities of these farms and their surroundings are what make this such an interesting build inside of the game. This is taken even further if you take into account the interiors of the houses and the surroundings of the gardens. Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a plethora of design styles for its players and they can come down to anything you imagine from simple styles to swampcore. This is an incredible feature as it allows you, no matter what type of player you are to create builds that suit your tastes.

From all of the ACNH garden ideas we have listed here today, we hope that you have learned a few tricks and gotten inspiration on how to structure and create an amazing farm. Each build can teach you something even if you don’t like its style. Be it how to create paths or how to utilize asymmetry and decorative item combinations. With that said we wish you the very best on your island creation and renovation journey.

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