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18 Amazing ACNH Campsite Ideas – For Inspiration

A campsite is one of the most crucial elements of the early game in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Considering you and your villagers don’t have houses yet, your main hubs will be the tent where you can find Tom Nook and your own tent. However, as soon as the player gets a house and upgrades the Resident Services, these tents become obsolete.

Nevertheless, this is where the campsite comes into play. While you don’t live in tents anymore, campsites are where you may just find your next favorite villager! At first, these campers visit your island and mostly stay in a tent while waiting to meet the villagers on the island. For that reason, you should help provide them with a positive experience when visiting your island.

That’s why decorating your campsite and making it look good are very important tasks for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players. But we understand that decorating isn’t everyone’s forte. Don’t worry! Our list of 18 amazing ACNH campsite ideas is here to help you find the campsite of your dreams!

How to create ACNH Campsite Ideas?

While some may want to just follow pre-existing ACNH campsite ideas, other players want to make their own! They just need a little push in the right direction to get them inspired.

If you’re one of these players, don’t worry. We’ll briefly cover how to create your very own ACNH campsite ideas. This will hopefully make your efforts a lot easier and give your visitors a breathtaking place to stay on your cozy island.

First and foremost, you need to decide what kind of campsite you’re going to make. This isn’t as easy as visualizing the entire thing at once, though. You need to think about what kind of vibe you want to bring out in your ACNH campsite. Do you want your visitors to feel like they’re taking a cozy vacation to roast marshmallows around a fire? Or do you want them to feel at home with a campsite that takes care of all their needs? 

Once you’ve decided, you need to figure out what kind of furniture would fit this aesthetic. You also need to think about where you want to place your campsite. For example, if you want an oceanview campsite, you’ll have to place it somewhere on or close to a beach. On the other hand, a forest campsite will need to have lots of trees to achieve the desired effect.

Now, all that’s left is gathering the materials and furniture to place around your campsite! You can get furniture from many sources, including:

And voila, you’re done! You’ve probably already created some amazing ACNH campsite ideas that you can’t wait to get started on. However, if you still need a bit more inspiration, let’s take a look at our list of 18 amazing ACNH campsite ideas.

Our List of ACNH Campsite Ideas

Without further ado, here’s our list of 18 ACNH campsite ideas that will wow you:

  • Calming Campsite
  • Rural Campsite
  • Campground near Waterfall View
  • Tropical Campsite
  • Unique Campsite
  • Peninsula Campsite
  • Forest Campground
  • Homey Campground
  • Oceanview Campsite
  • Log Campsite
  • Waterfall Campsite
  • Getaway Campsite
  • Escape Campground
  • Moat Campground
  • Perfect Campsite
  • Hawaiian Campsite
  • Pink Campsite
  • Ideal Camping Site

We understand it may be hard for some players to visualize these campsites by themselves. That’s why we’ll provide a small guide along with a photo of each campsite to help stimulate your creative juices!

Keep in mind you don’t strictly have to follow these guides. The beauty of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fact that you have the creative freedom to do pretty much anything you want. These ACNH campsite ideas are meant to provide inspiration and help players figure out what they want to make from their game.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get started!

#18 Calming Campsite

Calming Campsite

The first entry on our list of ACNH campsite ideas is a calming campsite that aims to relax the visitor! This campsite is fairly simple and doesn’t have too much going for it in terms of decoration. However, the surrounding areas make the entire campsite feel very cozy. The clothes drying on the line give the impression that this is a place where you can unwind.

You can add other decorations as you please. However, we think this campsite is perfect just the way it is. If you really want to, you can plant some trees around the area to make it seem cozier. In fact, maybe even add a campfire in front to really evoke that calming feeling!

#17 Rural Campsite

Spending time in nature in the rural countryside is something every nature lover probably dreams of. However, because the weather is getting colder in most parts of the world, this won’t be all that possible anymore. Fortunately, you can always live out your camping dreams by providing your visitors with a rural campsite to stay in.

This rural campsite is the best choice for that rural aesthetic among our ACNH campsite ideas. There’s even a small lake to the side where your visitors can relax and sit by the bank to fish and let their minds wander. That’s also a perfect time to talk to them and get them to move to your island if you really like them!

#16 Campground near Waterfall View

Campground near Waterfall View

This beautiful campsite idea lets your visitors fall asleep to the sound of a stunning waterfall. In the morning, they can come out and enjoy the fresh morning air while they warm up by the campfire. This sort of first impression is sure to make these visitors want to move to your island by the time their visit is over!

The best part is that this campsite idea isn’t hard to execute at all. All you need is a campfire, a log bench, some entertainment, and some lighting around the area. You don’t want your visitor to sit out in the dark and accidentally fall into the water, do you?

To achieve this build, you’ll have to place your campsite close to one (or multiple) waterfalls. For that extra spice, you can embellish the waterfall by placing some greenery such as flowers and trees around it.

#15 Tropical Campsite

ACNH campsite ideas Tropical Campsite

Next on our list of ACNH campsite ideas is the tropical campsite. This build is perfect for the summer time when you want to transform your entire island into a tropical paradise. Luckily, this is a very simple feat and doesn’t require too much effort. However, you’ll have to place your campsite near a body of water to make sure it’s on theme with the aesthetic.

You can choose to elevate your campsite or keep it at the same level as everything else. However, you will have to board up the floor around the campsite to make it look like a tropical beach deck. Plant some coconut trees around it for that tropical vibe, and you can even plant red hibiscus bushes for that same reason. 

This player has decided to provide the visitors with a barbecue so they can grill and chill while looking out to the sea. How kind!

#14 Unique Campsite

ACNH campsite ideas Unique Campsite

There are many great lessons to learn from ACNH campsite ideas. Here, the lesson is that you don’t always have to have the campsite match the aesthetic of the rest of your island. We can see in the background that this island has more of a modern vibe. However, the campsite remains unique and traditional from the rest of the island.

This creates a stunning difference when you enter the fenced-off area of the campsite for the first time. Visitors don’t have to adapt to the city life on this island if they don’t want to. However, they can also get a taste of the city life by taking a short walk to the town square if they so desire. 

The social hub in the middle of this campsite also ensures the visitors don’t feel left out if they choose not to leave the campsite. We’re sure many of your Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers would love to come here, sit down, and have a chat with their potential future neighbors!

#13 Peninsula Campsite

ACNH campsite ideas Peninsula Campsite

Unfortunately, making islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is virtually impossible. To be fair, though, you already live on an island, so you hardly need anything more than that. Still, for those who want their ACNH campsite ideas to take place somewhere far away from the main island, this can become an issue. As a solution, you can create a peninsula!

This small patch of land will help separate the campsite from the rest of the island while simultaneously still being a great place for visitors. While the tents in the photo are purely for decoration, they do a great job of demonstrating what the entire space is meant for. With several blankets laid out on rocks and wooden boards and lots of food to choose from, this is a campsite any visitor would be happy with!

#12 Forest Campground

This forest campground is a great choice if you want to put your visitors in a natural setting. Planting lots of trees around the area can be very helpful. You also don’t really need to place the campsite next to a body of water. However, it can make for a nice touch if there are enough trees around.

Other than that, the decor in this ACNH campsite is very simple and natural. You’ll notice there’s lots of greenery and wood surrounding the campsite area. However, this creator hasn’t forgotten about the basic needs of visitors during their stay. That’s why they’ve included a cute little barbecue, some music to liven up the mood, and even a sink they can use to wash their produce before cooking.

#11 Homey Campground

If you want to make sure your visitors start feeling like this island is their home, you’d do well to create a homey campground. This campsite has all the properties the visitor would need if they were to become a villager on your island. Although we can imagine most necessary facilities are inside the tent itself, this area is mainly dedicated to entertainment and fun.

Complete with fun entertainment stations and cozy decorations, this build will fit right in with the rest of your island. It can also help provide a break from the busy village life for you, too! Your character can always come here to relax and talk to the visitor as they go about their day. It’s the perfect opportunity to persuade them to move in!

#10 Oceanview Campsite

Oceanview Campsite
Source: newhurizons

This is another on the list of ACNH campsite ideas that need to be placed near a body of water. Specifically, you’ll have to place this campsite very close to the ocean. Otherwise, you can’t really call it an oceanview campsite, can you?

Other than the obvious ocean view placement, this campsite doesn’t really have a theme. Mixing and matching furniture and materials to make the place look good is something you can decide on your own. This campsite seems to follow the standard rules of campsite decoration. Providing food, a view, and an entertaining activity can go a long way. However, it’s important to recognize how warm and inviting this oceanview campsite looks despite its simplicity.

#9 Log Campsite

This amazing entry on the ACNH campsite ideas list is great for those who want to make wooden elements the center of their build. Specifically, you’ll need a lot of logs. You better get to shaking and chopping all those trees!

If you don’t like the colors you see in the photo, don’t worry. You can customize most of this furniture to fit in with what you had in mind. Of course, keep in mind that there are only a few variations and some might not even be available in any other color. It’s important to account for this so you don’t have to re-do everything all over again!

This cozy log campsite provides a log sofa, campfire, and log table for you to set down all the miscellaneous items. We especially love the detail of the little guitar next to the sofa that presumably gathers all the villagers around a campfire to sing and dance!

#8 Waterfall Campsite

This stunning waterfall campsite is one of the best ACNH campsite ideas we’ve ever seen. The ethereal feeling the photo gives off barely does any justice to what the scene probably looks like in-game. The glowing mushrooms and other flowers surrounding the campsite between two waterfalls make us feel like we’re in a fairytale.

We’re sure that’s how the visitors of this campsite feel, too. You’ll only really need to terraform two waterfalls to make this happen, so don’t worry about it looking too complicated. It’s really not.

The cherry on top of this breathtaking build is the fact that you can decorate and place flowers around the area in any way you like. However, the idea of a small cookout happening underneath the stars on these two log benches makes the whole scene even better to imagine. We recommend you add them!

#7 Getaway Campsite

This is one of the most stunning ACNH campsite ideas out there to discover. With the amount of work this player has put into making the most comprehensive campsite, it’s hard not to react with astonishment. Amazingly, there are around three areas complete with lots of facilities that make the visitor feel at home.

It’s the perfect weekend getaway for any Animal Crossing villager out there who wants to see something new and refreshing. Everything will be at their fingertips and you won’t need to do much to provide them with better facilities. Meanwhile, they can relax and stargaze, have a picnic, or hang out with the villagers on your island.

#6 Escape Campground

If you’ve ever just wanted to escape the busy city life and get away from it by relaxing in a natural setting, you can bring this feeling into Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Provide your visitors with the same experience with this escape campground!

This campground is mainly meant to provide visitors with a place to sit around and chill. They can take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of nature on the two sofas just outside. If your villagers come to visit them, they can even have a nice chat all around the sofas and share details about island life! Sounds like a great escape from daily life, if you ask us.

#5 Moat Campground

This cute and simple moat campsite makes for a great choice when it comes to unique ACNH campsite ideas. It does take a bit of terraforming, but we think it’s worth it considering you get this cute moat in the end!

This player has decided to place some simple decorations around the moat that will work all year round. Simply plant a few flowers around the tent and place a cozy log chair to the side so your visitor can enjoy the sights. There’s not really much space for more decoration, which can be a blessing for some. If you need more, just leave in more land around your moat!

Finish the build by boarding up the path towards the tent and let your visitor enjoy their moat campground. Just make sure they don’t fall in the water!

#4 Perfect Campsite

If our list of ACNH campsite ideas had a ranking, this build would probably rank #1. It just has everything and the composition of the whole thing looks so nice and satisfying! We’re sure that every visitor on this island makes the decision to stay after seeing this player’s decorating skills.

This build incorporates natural elements like wood and patches of dirt along with man-made items like a small campfire, a bicycle, and an open tent. With this, it creates a sense of serenity and reminds us what camping is truly all about. It doesn’t seem to stand out too much from the rest of the island, but it also doesn’t need to. This perfect little campsite tells a story all by itself!

#3 Hawaiian Campsite

This amazing tropical Hawaiian campsite really makes us want to hit the beach right now! Complete with an almost exact tutorial on how to build the campsite, players who are looking to make their island Hawaiian-themed will love this entry!

The trick to achieving a Hawaiian aesthetic is to use lots and lots of bamboo wherever you can. The small kids’ tent you can buy from Nook’s Cranny during the month of December is a great addition to the build. It makes us feel like we can camp out under the stars and chill with all of our island friends! Adding a few palm trees all around heavily contributes to this campsite feeling like a Hawaiian campsite, too.

#2 Pink Campsite

If you’re a lover of the color pink, you’ll be happy to know that you can also incorporate this color into your campsite builds! The best part about this build is that it doesn’t just have to be a pink campsite as most of these flowers and decorations come in other colors, too. You can choose whichever one you like.

Another great thing about this entry that sets it apart from other ACNH campsite ideas is that it incorporates both greenery and beach elements to make this look like paradise on the island. Visitors can chill in the forest while soaking in the cypress bathtub or sunbathe on the beach just a few steps away. We also think the concept of a beach picnic is amazing. That’s definitely a note to take for the future when it comes to island decoration!

#1 Ideal Camping Site

When it comes to ACNH campsite ideas, we think this one could easily take the cake. This is purely due to the fact that it has everything a visitor could need during their time on the island. This creator has done their best to make sure every potential villager who visits the island gets a taste of what island life is really going to be like.

There’s a clothes rack complete with a kitchen area and even more as we descend toward the bottom of the map. The entire build is full of different random items the visitors could use in their daily lives. You could probably mix and match the type of furniture you use in this build just as long as it serves the same purpose!

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