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18 Amazing ACNH Museum Ideas – For Inspiration

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has always been a game where players could express their creativity and penchant for design. This applies to both interior and exterior design, of course. However, not all players have the same eye for interior design, and may require a bit of help from our list of amazing ACNH museum ideas!

Creating and visualizing a space can be hard as there are a lot of steps in the process. We’ll be detailing this process later. For now, you need to know that the risk is too great to simply jump into builds without deciding on them first.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 18 ACNH museum ideas. With this list, we hope to help you find your next dream build in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you prefer to think of your own museum ideas, we’ll briefly cover how to create your own ACNH museum ideas, too. Without further ado, let’s get started!

How to create ACNH Museum Ideas?

So, let’s get the shorter part done first. How do you create the best ACNH museum ideas or even the best ACNH campsite ideas? Well, you need a museum to create museum ideas in the first place, so make sure Blathers is on your island!

Building anything in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a feat in itself. There are a few steps to get the process done. The first step is deciding what kind of build you want. This question pertains to the aesthetic you want to apply in your build. Of course, you can also mix and match, but it’s hard to say the build will come out looking all that great. To create your own ACNH museum ideas, you’ll have to get this out of the way.

The next step is research. What kind of furniture do you need to achieve this style? To learn more about the aesthetic, your best bet is to search for inspiration. Places like Pinterest and our list of ACNH museum ideas are great places to see the creations of other Animal Crossing: New Horizons players and decide whether you like what they do.

After you’ve done your research, you need to gather the recipes and materials. Gathering materials on your island is a simple process. Pretty much every furniture item out there consists of components you can already find on your island. If not, you can visit the vendors around the island to see if they sell what you’ll need. Keep in mind that you cannot build anything inside the museum, so you’ll have to place all your decorations around the outside of the building.

If you don’t want to spend your time trying to make furniture, some items can also be bought! You can get items from:

If the item you want only comes from recipes, you’re going to have to get lucky to get the recipe you want. Good luck!

Our List of ACNH Museum Ideas

Now that we’ve touched briefly on how to create ACNH museum ideas, it’s time to move on to our list of ACNH museum ideas.

These ideas are merely suggestions and you don’t have to follow the build to the letter. In fact, adding your own twist to your ACNH museum entrance will ensure there’s a dash of your personality in the build you took inspiration from! You can mix and match most items or their placement as long as you can still convey the aesthetic.

And now, here’s our list of ACNH museum ideas:

  • Museum Ruins Entrance
  • Rococo Museum
  • Hidden Spring Entrance
  • Purple Museum Entrance
  • Fountain Square Entrance
  • Haute Arte Museum
  • Easter Egg Hunt Entrance
  • Simple Park Bunny Entrance
  • Spacious Museum Park
  • Small Park Entrance
  • Blathers’ Study
  • Royal Entrance
  • Palace Museum
  • Temple Doorway
  • Modern Entrance
  • Rock Garden Entrance
  • Fountain Wall Entrance
  • Sunken Museum

Let’s dive into what these ACNH museum ideas look like in other players’ games!

#18 Museum Ruins Entrance

First on our list of ACNH museum ideas is the ruins entrance! This museum entrance provides a mysterious aura to the museum itself. It almost seems as if it’s a scene from an Indiana Jones movie!

To achieve the museum ruins entrance aesthetic, you’ll have to invest in a lot of rock and marble. While the flooring you see in the photo is custom, most of the items around it aren’t. Plant some bamboo trees and make some items out of vines, as it will give the impression of exploring a jungle and finding a museum in the middle of it!

The rock-head and glowing-moss statues can be great additions to this build as they will bring home the fact that some civilization displayed their best works here. The ruined set, especially the broken and decorated pillars, will work best for small miscellaneous decorations around the museum.

#17 Rococo Museum

Rococo art connoisseurs will be familiar with all the elements of this art style and be able to apply them to their islands. However, you may have just stumbled upon a few Rococo paintings with pretty ladies dressed in frilly, fancy dresses and lots of flowers surrounding them. That’s fine too. 

Sheeepcakes here presents a great way to incorporate a Rococo style into your museum entrance by including lots and lots of light-colored flowers and other greenery. The iron garden bench in the build really helps evoke that elegant and fancy feeling Rococo paintings have. You can customize it in any color you like, but we think white goes best with the rest of the build. Add some fancy streetlamps, a stunning waterfall, and a stone pathway for the finishing touches and you’re good to go!

#16 Old European Entrance

The creator of this ACNH museum entrance build has described the build as an Old-European style, which is something we haven’t really seen before in ACNH museum ideas. We can definitely see the European influence with the elegant pillars and lots of greenery.

The beautiful faux staircases match up pretty well with the rest of the pathing in this build, and it gives off an elegant feeling. Of course, the blue flower garden in the middle as well as around the area provides the perfect color scheme.

However, there’s no doubt that you’ll have to do a lot of terraforming to get your museum entrance to look like this. Make sure you have it unlocked before you start planning your museum around this build!

#15 Purple Museum Entrance

If blue isn’t enough of a fancy color for you, maybe you’ll like this purple flower museum entrance. The abundance of purple flowers around a nice and elegant fountain coupled with lots of greenery is sure to fit your fancy.

Museums are places of elegance, knowledge, and the upper class. That’s exactly why this is one of the best ACNH museum ideas. It fits the theme so well!

If you can find any items you can customize into a purple color, that’s all the better for you. However, there are only so many items you can find that fit this criterion, which is unfortunate for purple lovers.

#14 Fountain Square Entrance

Yet another build utilizing what is probably the fanciest fountain in the game. This fountain square entrance idea is perfect for those who don’t want to add too much in front of their museum. However, you probably still want to make it fancy, which is why you’re adding in the cool fountain and all the greenery.

Overall, this is a pretty loose build considering you can put pretty much any greenery around a fountain and surround this mini-garden with some stone pathways. All other decorations such as lampposts and flags are completely optional, you can place anything you want there! It’s not complicated to execute and will leave your museum feeling like the Louvre in terms of elegance.

#13 Haute Arte Museum

ACNH Haute Arte Museum

Haute arte is a difficult aesthetic to envision considering every person has a different visualization. However, we definitely think this is a great embodiment of the term haute arte.

Fancy sculptures and lots of decoration around them are the way to go when trying to make a haute arte museum entrance. Here, we can specifically see the valiant statue and the gallant statue. However, you can add your own twist by using the beautiful statue and the robust statue. While we know it may be hard to catch Redd selling these items, you may just get lucky.

The fountains are completely optional although they do add an air of sophistication to the scene. If you want to go even fancier, try the Park fountain which you can get at the Nook Stop!

#12 Easter Egg Hunt Entrance

Once the time comes for Bunny Day, the game’s Easter, you may want to find creative ways to celebrate. Nooksisle came up with the clever idea of hosting an Easter Egg Hunt at the museum’s entrance. This makes it seem as though Blathers is the one hosting it!

To make this build, you’ll need lots and lots of Easter eggs in different shapes and sizes. Luckily, you can get a lot of Bunny Day recipes just by completing tasks around your island during this period. If you already have all the recipes, you can easily add this Easter Egg Hunt to your list of ACNH museum ideas. Just pair the build with a few flowers to decorate around the area and you’re good to go. Happy egg hunting!

#11 Simple Park Bunny Entrance

ACNH museum ideas Simple Park Bunny Entrance

Keeping up with the Bunny Day theme, you can also adopt a simpler take on the celebrations. If you’re not into Easter Egg Hunts, you can just add a few bunny decorations to the entrance of your museum and be done with it.

In this particular build, you’ll need some Bunny Day Topiaries, which aren’t too hard to get during the spring. The rest of the surroundings can be as random as you like. The creator of this particular build has decided to add two park benches and a flower wagon to decorate the area a little bit. However, a few more bunny-themed decorations definitely wouldn’t hurt. For example, you could replace the flower wagon with an egg basket!

#10 Spacious Museum Park

ACNH museum ideas Spacious Museum Park

If you’re not a big fan of small, claustrophobic designs like some of those we’ve already seen on our list of ACNH museum ideas, this build is for you. This beautiful park gives the player some space to run around going about their daily task of taking fossils to Blathers for appraisal. It also lets the area around the museum breathe a little bit

While this park is a great place to enjoy your Animal Crossing day, you can always choose to add more green areas around it. Plant some flowers, and trees, and place other decorations that will help the space come alive. For now, though, this simple but spacious museum park build is something to help you get started in your design!

#9 Small Park Entrance

acnh small park

On the other hand, if you’re looking to utilize as little space as possible in the best way possible, look no further than the small park entrance. Unlike the previous entry in our list of ACNH museum ideas, this one leaves very little wiggle room for the player. However, some players will agree that this also helps the area feel more cozy and tight-knit.

Despite all this, the small park entrance here definitely doesn’t cheap out on decorations. With lots of greenery and even a cute bird bath, there’s enough aesthetics to go around. You can go for a nice walk and end up at the museum while enjoying your day in Animal Crossing, and this small entrance makes sure you’ve arrived to the right spot!

#8 Blathers’ Study

One interesting thing about Blathers, the museum curator, is that he’s one of the few NPCs that don’t wander around the island. However, that doesn’t mean Blathers is any less important! Serenityisle_ seems to agree, which is why they’ve created a personalized area for Blathers to study all his favorite things. Well, maybe not all his favorite things, considering he’s bound to happen upon an insect somewhere in the area!

If you also want to give Blathers a space to do his research, you’ll be happy to learn it’s not hard to achieve! All you have to do is put some simple furniture around reminiscent of science and research. This includes bookshelves, a desk, and some necessities like a bed. Once you add these items, you will have created a sweet little area for Blathers to tend to his hobbies. You’ll also prove he’s just as important as any other villager on the island!

#7 Royal Entrance

Some Animal Crossing: New Horizons players really just like to go all out and evoke feelings of grandeur with their builds. This player is no different. Taking just one look at this build will make you revel in its glory. It evokes a certain regal feeling we’ve already seen a few times in this list of ACNH museum ideas.

However, this player takes it a step further by basing their entire build on a royal concept. Pairing white, gold, and blue in the color scheme definitely helps. This is because these colors are generally associated with royalty and grandiose concepts. You’ll notice that there’s not a lot of greenery around the area, too. Whether this is intentional or not, it helps add a dash of nature to the build without overwhelming it. This is something you should take note of when attempting a royal entrance museum build.

#6 Palace Museum

This is probably the most expensive choice on our list of ACNH museum ideas! The castle towers and walls cost 250,000 and 56,000 Bells, respectively. Now this is a build fit for a king!

However, Reddit user SpecterCody claims this build is completely explorable. This adds a fun and interactive element to an already interesting concept. If you want to make the most out of the area around your museum, you might want to consider this build.

You can purchase the castle towers, walls, and even a castle gate from Nook Shopping. If you want, you can add more decoration around the area to add life to it. However, the castle items are really all you need to turn your museum into a castle.

#5 Temple Doorway

Temple Doorway

If the ruins seemed like too much work for you, maybe you’ll enjoy this temple doorway build. However, you can also choose to add it to the ruins as a finishing touch. This build makes it seem like the museum is located in a mysterious temple somewhere deep in the jungle.

All you have to do is plant a few trees, bamboo or otherwise, around the museum. Your next step is crafting the stone arch and stone lion-dog items to put around the museum. However, you can also opt for the ruined set to complete your temple doorway aesthetic. 

Considering you’ve already planted bamboo trees around the area, you might as well complete it with some items from the bamboo set. You can choose between different variations of the bamboo partition and even add some bamboo grass to complete the look.

#4 Modern entrance

modern enterance

This stunning build by Thorin_ACNH presents a more modern twist on the museum entrance. With the endless possibilities of Simple Panels and their creativity, Thorin_ACNH has managed to make the museum look like an amazing piece of modern art!

While this entry on our list of ACNH museum ideas may seem hard to execute, all it really takes is lots of windows and sliding glass doors. The simple panels will be a big help in this endeavor.

#3 Rock Garden Entrance

Rocks are a very important aspect of ACNH gameplay. You can get a lot of great resources by walking up to rocks and smacking them with a shovel. However, finding the rocks with the passing of each day can get very tiring. This ACNH player has thought of a great workaround.

To minimize the time between, say, finding a bug and taking it to Blathers to learn more about it, they’ve created a rock garden. While this isn’t just a rock garden, the rocks seem to be the centerpiece in the area. They’ve done what most other ACNH players making a rock garden would do, which is place them in a neat circle around the centerpiece. However, getting the rocks to spawn in this circle is not as easy as it seems.

The rest of the area is up to you to decorate as you wish. However, as we can see in the picture, having some beautiful greenery around the area can help it look more natural and let it blend into the surroundings.

#2 Fountain Wall Entrance

The next entry on our list of amazing ACNH museum ideas is definitely a creative one. This clever build by Twitter user jin_men56 transforms Face Cutout Standees into something stunning. Yes, they’ve created a fountain wall!

Of course, the player has also provided us with a code to download the Face Cutout Standees that resemble fountains. With this, you can place as many as you like in any order to create the perfect fountain wall entrance build for your ACNH museum.

You can decorate the surrounding area as you like, which means this build also provides you with a small sense of freedom!

#1 Sunken Museum

This stunning build by xixi_playing has changed the way we think about ACNH museum ideas. You don’t always have to have your museum stand out on your island. In fact, sometimes you can hide it behind certain items to give the impression of mystery!

You’ll need to do a lot of terraforming to achieve this same look. You should focus on creating lots of waterfalls and cliffs around the area to achieve that sunken look. However, you shouldn’t ignore the decoration around the museum entrance itself. You can use any decorations you like, but the ruined and temple-looking decorations work best. Good luck!

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