Minecraft Tavern Design – 20 Amazing Rustic Medieval Tavern Ideas

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For the past 14 years, countless generations have explored the vast realms of Minecraft either alone or with friends. That’s an amazing lifespan for a game that’s so simple, and there’s one clear reason why. The fact that there are millions of creations still waiting to be made in the game.

From the most creative witch houses in existence to the most wacky and exciting ideas like playing actual songs through the music boxes in the game, someone has thought of it at least once. Thankfully, this inspiration and ingenuity also help less experienced Minecraft players and those who want to do more mining than crafting.

With the builders’ guides, casual Minecraft players can have their world looking just the way they want it without all the hassle of planning it out themselves. However, there are a few general rules when it comes to building that every player should adhere to, especially if you want to recreate something like a Minecraft tavern design.

Taverns were the epicenter of human communication, camaraderie, and storytelling. There’s a reason tavern bards, stories, and fights are so iconic in games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If you’re looking to make a medieval village or world, you absolutely need a tavern in it.

And if you’re looking to recreate an amazing Minecraft tavern design, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of 20 amazing Minecraft tavern design ideas. So without further ado, take a seat at the virtual bar, grab your virtual tankard of mead, and let’s get to building!

General Tips and Tricks

#1: Plan out the area

Not planning out the area you’ll be building in can make everything so much more difficult than it needs to be. Without making clear borders for your Minecraft tavern design, you’re risking restarting the whole process, and the reasons are endless.

You could forget which step you were on or you could accidentally place one block too many. And if you think the number of blocks doesn’t matter in a Minecraft build, you’re so wrong. All of this can jeopardize your dream of creating the perfect rustic Minecraft tavern design.

#2: Contribute to the atmosphere

There are lots of ways to contribute to the atmosphere of a Minecraft building. Interior design is very important, as you’ll learn in these Minecraft tavern build guides. However, it’s also important to decorate the exterior to match the vibe.

Placing a pond, a few flowers, a nice fence… Maybe even a custom tree! All of these can change the way you view your Minecraft tavern in a positive way. Of course, make sure not to go too overboard. You still want your beautiful design to pop out.

#3: Mob proof!

We can’t stress how important mob proofing is when it comes to building in this game. Mob proofing means structuring your building and making it so that mobs can’t spawn in or around it.

It’s all fun and games when you get a zombie in your tavern. But when a creeper spawns, it can get serious. You could be at risk of losing time and resources trying to recreate the part of the tavern that exploded. So, once again, folks… Mob proof your designs!

20 Minecraft Tavern Designs

Now, it’s time to unveil the 20 Minecraft tavern designs we’ve picked out for you!

#1: BlueNerd’s Design

BlueNerd’s Design
Source: BlueNerd

BlueNerd’s glorious Minecraft tavern design has us swooning. When the masses said ambient decoration, Blue really heard us! The amount of foliage and beautiful custom trees surrounding this tavern make it look like it came straight out of a Skyrim side quest! Is that Old Hroldan we hear in there?

This is a fairly big Minecraft build, though. You can expect to take more than a few hours to build it, and even more resources. Safe to say, it isn’t a very survival-friendly build due to the number of blocks you need. Luckily, a kind user has compiled a list of all the stuff you’ll need, and you can find them in the pinned comments of the video!

#2: BigTonyMC’s Design

 BigTonyMC’s Design
Source: BigTonyMC

BigTonyMC’s design is yet another big and slightly more challenging one, but it still has that beautiful rustic feeling to it. It even features a stables area where you can put your horse to rest for the night while you have some ale and sleep through the night in the tavern.

The chimney adds another touch of realism which is just one of the many reasons why some Minecraft builds can look and feel so immersive to the player. The guide itself is very clear and players even report it being easier to build in survival than your average Minecraft tavern design!

#3: Snishinka’s Design 

Snishinka’s Design 
Source: Snishinka

Snishinka’s beautiful tavern design has the perfect ambiance for those looking for a Lord of the Rings-like experience with their medieval Minecraft world. The attention to detail is immaculate and the video is great to watch even if you aren’t really planning on making the build. The music, the camera work, and the end result all add to this vibe.

Of course, much of the ambiance has to do with the shaders Snishinka has installed. You can find those in the Linktree link provided in the video’s description. You will also find all the materials you need if you choose to undertake this Minecraft build in survival mode. 

#4: Ei Natsu’s Design

 Ei Natsu’s Design
Source: Ei Natsu

This particular guide makes it easier to envision Ei Natsu’s Minecraft tavern design in a medieval setting if you plan on building it within city walls. With the materials courteously provided to you at the start of the video, you can expect this build to be fairly easy to do both in terms of materials and time.

Although the tavern is small, it evokes a cozy feeling of finding the perfect rest stop after a long day of traveling with your horse. You can even enjoy a drink in the outdoor seating section as you enjoy the cool breeze of the night. Talk about customer service, right?

#5: LionCheater’s Design

LionCheater’s Design
Source: LionCheater

If you’re looking to capture more of a fantasy feel with your Minecraft tavern design, look no further than LionCheater’s guide! This big building will ensure you have enough space to do all the Minecraft storytelling you want. It even provides visiting adventurers with a chest to leave their items in while they turn in for the night!

The rooms are not so spacious, but they provide you with everything you need. It’s important to remember that you can always slightly alter the design if you have a better idea and you know what you’re doing. This personal touch can help the tavern feel even more unique in your world!

#6: Mechitect’s Design

Mechitect’s Design
Source: Mechitect

This Mechitect tutorial only covers the exterior, so you’ll need to look at #14 on our list to get the full experience. If you want a big Minecraft tavern design that doesn’t take up too much space, look no further than this one. While it has two floors, it’s rather thin in comparison to the builds we’ve seen so far.

Still, you don’t have to worry about making space for the inside, as you’ll see in the follow-up video. Because it’s spread out across two floors, it should fit both the bar and the rooms perfectly. Well, unless you haven’t been following our general tips and tricks and end up having a room that’s just a little too small.

#7: BlueNerd’s Design (Part Two – The Interior)

BlueNerd’s Desig
Source: BlueNerd

Once again, BlueNerd circles back to our very first entry on the list to provide some finishing touches and help liven up the build. However, if you prefer to decorate the first tavern to your own liking, you won’t see us judging. The enjoyment of Minecraft is getting to unleash your creativity and design a space how you want it!

However, if you don’t have the time or will to do that, you can rest assured knowing this design will give you two floors with all the crucial elements a tavern needs to function. Although the second floor has a slightly modern feel to the rooms, you can always take out or add some simple designs to fit the aesthetic.

#8: ItsMarloe’s Design

ItsMarloe’s Design
Source: ItsMarloe

With a solid materials list and loads of detail, you can try and take up this design by ItsMarloe. This design has a lot of small things you need to pay attention to if you want the as-seen-on-screen copy. If you just want a good base for your medieval tavern, you can also use this design.

However, ItsMarloe does a great job of providing all the best lighting spots to mob-proof your tavern. Basically, you’re looking to light up any area that has a light rating of 7 or below. Overall, this video is a great spot to touch up on some basic building knowledge, too!

#9: John & Patchon Channel’s Design

John & Patchon Channel’s Design
Source: John & Patchon Channel

This majestic tavern located in the forest is perfect for would-be travelers on the road. Although you could theoretically place it anywhere, it almost seems like it belongs in a forest. This means John & Patchon really did great with the ambiance on this one. Unfortunately, you’ll have to think up something on your own when it comes to the interior, as the guide doesn’t provide anything.

The materials aren’t so hard to get, either, making this one of the best options for a survival mode build. Just make sure you’re ready to cut up a lot of wood. Although, this stands true for nearly all of these medieval tavern builds, considering everything was made of wood back then.

#10: NeatCraft’s Design

 NeatCraft’s Design
Source: NeatCraft

With NeatCraft’s Minecraft tavern design, you won’t have an inkling of a doubt the tavern will be spacious. You’ll even have a nice balcony for your travelers to enjoy and take in the sights. Of course, you should also make sure the area around the tavern is embellished and decorated so visitors actually have something to look at.

With this build, you’re looking at a 38×15 base with that goes pretty high up. With this, you’ll be able to give the roof and other details the attention they need. However, make sure you have enough space in your medieval village or kingdom to house this tavern.

#11: Ei Natsu’s 2nd Design

Ei Natsu’s 2nd Design
Source: Ei Natsu

If you want lighter colors and a medium tavern, you definitely need to use this tutorial! Ei Natsu has once again done a great job of decorating and livening up the place for players to enjoy and recreate. It also blends in well with similar buildings, so you should try and color-match it to the surroundings. Otherwise, it’ll stick out like a sore thumb!

Just like the last build, this one also features a nice balcony. It also has a rather simple list of materials and isn’t too hard to make happen in survival mode. Overall, this is an easygoing build that you won’t have too much trouble with if you’re careful.

#12: LionCheater’s 2nd Design

LionCheater’s 2nd Design
Source: LionCheater

If you didn’t like LionCheater’s first design, don’t worry. He has kindly provided an alternative guide! This one is far more economical with the space management, although it definitely doesn’t look as majestic.

It also provides a few customization options with the flags at the front. If you’re planning to place this Minecraft tavern design within city walls, you can come up with a city or faction flag. Then you can proudly display this flag at the very entrance to your tavern! This is a great opportunity to enhance the immersion of the roleplay if you’re planning to do one. 

#13: Spudetti’s Design

Spudetti’s Design
Source: Spudetti

If you’re looking to match this gorgeous tavern design with the rest of your village, you’ll be happy to know Spudetti’s got you covered. Her channel has an entire series on building a medieval Minecraft village and is easy to follow. Support your Minecraft tavern design with a marketplace, windmill farm, and more!

As for the tavern itself, this is a build where you can best see the use of depth and its role in creating great Minecraft builds. It also offers one thing we haven’t seen much in the other builds – its very own cellar! You can keep your extra ale safe and sound while you serve customers in the bar area above.

#14: Mechitect’s Design (Part Two – The Interior)

Mechitect’s Design
Source: Mechitect

Mechitect returns with an interior version of build #6. Although it looks rather simple and quaint, this build provides you with everything you need to run a successful inn. You can always spice it up a bit more using some general decor tips if you’re not happy with it, though.

The path in front of the tavern might take some work unless you prefer it the way it is. If you’re willing to put in some work you can improve the immersion of the entire building with a few simple and well-placed blocks. Of course, you can also just check another path guide for ideas on what to do.

#15: LionCheater’s 3rd Design

Source: LionCheater

When it comes to tavern designs, LionCheater is definitely providing! This third design provides the same size but a different vibe to the 2nd one, also known as #12. It takes more of an L-shape and provides outdoor seating for the tavern’s guests if you’re a big fan of that. 

It also allows you to add your own dash of inspiration to the interior. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it shouldn’t be hard! You just need a few rooms, a bar, and maybe a wine cellar to keep your spirits in. Get creative with it and you should be done in no time!

#16: BlueNerd’s 2nd Design

Source: BlueNerd

We think BlueNerd’s “INN” sign made with banners is a genius touch when it comes to the perfect Minecraft tavern design. Paired with the little garden, the outdoor seating area, and the abundance of windows, you’ll find this design fits in perfectly with almost anything. If it happens not to, you can always alter it, that’s the beauty of Minecraft!

This tavern is not as open as some of the other ones we’ve seen so far. Still, we think the wooden details and brick roof really evoke that medieval atmosphere you may be looking to recreate within your Minecraft world. 

#17: Mighty Jake’s Design 

jake's design
Source: Jake.

Mighty Jake’s wood and stone medieval tavern is an incredible addition if you have an abundance of wood you need to get rid of. You can always substitute the types of wood to get a different feel from the one Jake shows in the video.

When it comes to the inside of the tavern, you won’t be alone in decorating! In fact, Jake provides some great ideas with item frames on the tables acting as plates with some steak. We’re not quite sure what the book is for, but you can always use it as a business ledger. It’s a good way to keep track of the guests staying in the rooms!

#18: Dukonred1’s Design Minecraft: Medieval Tavern/Inn Tutorial 

 Dukonred1’s Design Minecraft
Source: Dukonred1

Dukon’s design may just be the most detailed and breathtaking one out there. It’s not hard to see why considering the sheer amount of attention that’s on the walls of the tavern filled with “wooden” support beams. There’s even an outdoor garden in the back so the food in your tavern always comes from fresh produce!

However, this design is probably best off for experienced Minecraft builders. Maybe someone who follows instructions really well could do it, too. Either way, this build gives you full freedom when it comes to interior design considering there are no instructions for the inside.

#19: HRZY Builds’s Design

HRZY Builds’s Design
Source: HRZY

HRZY’s design seems just as complicated and detailed as Dukon’s, though the design is obviously different. This one features stylish arches that can easily fit within the medieval time period while still being aesthetically pleasing. However, because it’s a large build, be careful that it doesn’t overpower the rest of the buildings in the area.

We particularly like the material for the roof, and it really helps that Deepslate Bricks aren’t that difficult to find in-game. The Blackstone Bricks, however, are a different story. Regardless, if you’re experienced with kicking butt in the Nether, you won’t have any trouble gathering the materials needed for this tavern.

#20: reem’s Design

reem’s Design
Source: reem

For our final design, we have what may be the coziest tavern of all. This one comes from reem, a seemingly new but no less talented Minecraft YouTuber! This cute little tavern is perfect to nestle right in the middle of a small, cozy, tight-knit village. We can already imagine all the locals coming around each night to share some mead with their neighbors!

This build is rather easy to follow thanks to the video. It also helps that the materials aren’t too big of a pain to gather. Overall, it’s an amazing piece and we hope to see the interior soon. That is if you don’t prefer to decorate it yourself!

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