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20 adorable (and practical) Minecraft Barn ideas

One of the best aspects of Minecraft is the amount of creativity it unleashes within players. Over the years since its creation, we have seen so many amazing Minecraft ideas. They’ve inspired us to recreate them and maybe add our own flair, be it for easier exploration or gaining levels. But one of the most important structures in Minecraft you can make is a barn for your animals. If your fences are too short and you have too many animals, your animals could escape. And to be honest, no one wants that knowing how hard you’ve worked coaxing those cows with wheat to your humble abode. That’s why we’ve picked out some of the most adorable and practical Minecraft barn ideas for your world. These 20 barns combine aesthetics and function into a barn that’ll keep your animals safe – and look good while doing it!

#1: The Simple Barn

the simple barn
Source: Folli

This cute little barn is great for those who are just starting out and don’t have access to a lot of resources. All you need is some wood from which you can make fences, slabs, and other blocks. The barrels add detail to the design and let you store wheat and animal produce inside. It’s a great idea for those who don’t have too many late-game resources but don’t want to cut back on the design!

#2: Closed off Barn

Closed off Barn
Source: Smithers Boss

This barn is great if you don’t want an outside area for your animals. It’s quite simple and reminiscent of those adorable barns you see in cartoons! The barn includes some chests to store your items and cute ambient lighting. While the tutorial doesn’t list the exact amount of materials, you can find it in the comments section. It’s also easy to modify it and add your own touch to this Minecraft barn design.

#3: Small, 4-animal barn

Small, 4-animal barn
Source: FenX Builds

If you’re looking for something simple, or if you don’t plan on having many animals, this is the barn for you. This small barn has a pen for cows, horses, pigs, and chickens. You can put a bed in it if you like the design enough to make it your home, but that part is entirely up to you! It also includes outdoor decoration which makes the whole structure pop. This cute Minecraft barn is sure to find its place in your aesthetic little Minecraft village!

#4: The Garden Barn

The Garden Barn
Source: Zaypixel

While this barn is a bit more complex than the ones we’ve looked at so far, it makes up for it in its beauty. Complete with a little pond on the outside and a little chicken coop right next to it, it’ll fulfill all your cottagecore dreams. The attention to detail is amazing in this design. The animals even have their own little bowls of water! Of course, Minecraft animals don’t have a thirst need, but it’s still great immersion. However, as the author says, read the description to see the proper layout for the barn before beginning to build it!

#5: Stone Barn

Stone Barn
Source: WolfAtari

Other than some spruce fences, you won’t really need much else except stone bricks to build this barn. You can easily make these from all the cobblestone you’ll find while mining for diamonds and other rare ores. This barn has a more open design, but you can still be sure your animals won’t be jumping over the fences soon. Although the creator hasn’t listed how many materials you’ll need, there’s a great list in the comment section!

#6: Spruce and Oak Barn

Spruce and Oak BarnSource: Servasius

This spruce and oak barn is a great idea for anyone who needs just a bit more space for their animals. It also mostly requires wood out of the materials. Other than the wood, you’ll only need a bit of bone meal and some iron to make lanterns for lighting. It’s a great, fairly easy Minecraft barn to build in your survival world that beginners shouldn’t have much trouble following.

#7: Free Range Animal Barn

Free Range Animal Barn
Source: ItsMarloe

If you feel bad about keeping all your animals in tight spaces, this free range animal barn is a great barn idea. It lets the animals roam around freely and gives them a bit more space than a traditional barn would. It requires a lot of materials, but it also promises great aesthetic design when you’re done building it. If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge while building your Minecraft barn, look no further!

#8: Barn and Horse Stable

Barn and Horse Stable
Source: Ayvocado

Most Minecraft barns don’t account for horses you may want to keep, only pigs and cows. This cute barn provides a safe space for your four-legged friends! It also doesn’t separate the animals with fences, so it may be a bit difficult to manage if you want to keep your animals neat and organized. Even so, you can’t help but be amazed when you look at the work put into this Minecraft barn design!

#9: Large Medieval Barn

Large Medieval Barn
Source: BlueNerd

This large animal barn checks off the practicality criterium with all the storage space it contains. The interesting design makes this barn perfect for a medieval village, even though it has a brick roof. It’s also great for Minecraft players looking for a cottagecore barn design. It not only gives you lots of room to store your animal items, but also includes an anvil and grindstone – albeit for aesthetic purposes. 

#10: Red Barn

Red Barn
Source: Ector Vynk

If you’ve ever wanted a barn design straight out of Charlotte’s Web, this red barn should be among your list of Minecraft barn ideas. However, the materials themselves make the barn a bit harder to build and more fit for creative mode. You’ll have to spend a lot of time in the Nether to gather all the quartz you’ll need for this barn. Even so, it’s a big relief that the creator already listed how much you’ll need of each material. Hopefully you won’t spend more time in the Nether than necessary!

#11: Starwood Stables

Starwood Stables
Source: Katherine Elizabeth

The Starwood Stables guide is here for fans of the X-Life SMP series! While it doesn’t offer too much in terms of practicality and space, it’s just so cute. Of course, you can make your own modifications to the design as you see fit. If you’re not too keen on changing things without guidance, the author also demonstrates how to build a medium and large stable. It’s a great addition to any cute pastel Minecraft village!

#12: Ultimate Cottagecore Barn

Ultimate Cottagecore Barn
Source: sillyblocks

Just in case the other cottagecore barn suggestions weren’t doing it for you, we’ve picked out this amazing barn design by sillyblocks! Just looking at this barn transports us to a magical place, and we’re sure it’ll do the same for you. The materials aren’t too hard to gather either, although the design is a bit more complex than usual. Your animals can enjoy both the small but cute interior and the flower-riddled surroundings!

#13: Fenced Spruce Barn

Fenced Spruce Barn Minecraft Barn Ideas
Source: Cepheus

Keeping fish has never been easier with this cute fenced spruce barn, as it also includes a little pond! It has space for many different animals and you won’t have to worry about them roaming too far. Gathering the materials also isn’t a hassle as the creator lists the exact amount needed to get to work. The interior is pretty much free for you to decorate as you please, so you can make it as practical or aesthetic as you like!

#14: Aesthetic Barn

Aesthetic Barn
Source: LennyRandom

You’ll have to chop down quite a lot of dark oak to make this barn, but it’s worth it in the end! This aesthetic barn provides space for up to 6 different animals, so you won’t have to worry about limiting yourself. It also has some space for a few plants if you’re planning on dabbling in gardening. The amount of storage you get on the second floor is no joke either!

#15: Fairy Tale Barn

Fairy Tale Barn
Source: Kelpie The Fox

Haven’t had enough of barns that look like they came straight out of a fairy tale? No problem! This fairy tale barn is more suitable for creative mode as you can’t exactly know how many materials you need. Either way, this cute fairy tale barn is a cozy little structure to keep your animals safe from escaping.

#16: Another Medieval Barn

Another Medieval Barn
Source: Mr Mirror

Yet another Minecraft barn that’ll fit nicely in your medieval village! While this one is a lot smaller than the first of our medieval Minecraft barn ideas, it’s a lot more casual. The focus isn’t too heavily on practicality, so you can devote more time to decorating and making it look aesthetic. The materials are very easy to gather as well!

#17: Small Cow Barn

Oak Barn with a Farm
Source: TheZooTycooner14

If you don’t really want too many animals in your village, this small cow barn is great for you. Of course, you can replace the cows with any other animal you’d like to have. It’s complete with a little inside area to shelter your animals from the weather! This little barn is simple and not too hard to build, but it goes a long way.

#18: Oak Barn with a Farm

Minecraft barn ideas oak barn
Source: SheepGG

This cute oak farm not only gives your animals shelter, but also lets you do some gardening along the way. Although you don’t have to include the beds in the picture, this is still a good basis for some awesome Minecraft barn ideas.

#19: Old-time Barn

#19 Minecraft barn ideas old time barn

Source: Reimiho

With an elaborate roof and adorable details, this old-time barn is great if you want to keep your animals completely sheltered. Although there’s not a lot of outside space, the attention to detail in the interior will have you sold on this design! It requires a lot of materials, but it’s absolutely worth it for the end result!

#20: The Ultimate Minecraft Barn

Minecraft barn ideas ultimate barn

This ultimate Minecraft barn is amazing, but definitely not the easiest design for survival mode. It offers a lot of inside room and will probably be too large if you’re looking to build in a small village. Even so, it does look insanely cool. It’s a great way to show off your building skills, too!

Final thoughts on Minecraft barn ideas

While all these designs are great and have their own flair, the best Minecraft barn ideas are the ones you get from watching all these videos. There probably won’t be a barn among these that suits all your criteria. However, mixing and matching can help you make the barn of your dreams!

In the end, Minecraft is a game that challenges the player and encourages creativity. All of these Minecraft barn ideas are a testament to that fact. So get out there and make the best adorable and practical Minecraft barn you can think of (or follow these great guides)!

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