What is the Best Metro Game in the Franchise?

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The Metro franchise draws its inspiration from Dmitry Glukhovsky’s 2005 novel, Metro 2033. As a result, it’s no surprise that all Metro games have a very similar setting – Glukhovsky’s fictional world. The world we see in the Ukrainian 4A Games’ Metro franchise is a dark, bleak, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Not only that, but the world is also frightening and filled with terror, a sense of risk, and dark foreboding oozing its every pore. Truly, every Metro game will have you feeling lucky just for making it out alive.  Despite the bleak and dark atmosphere, the first-person shooter games somehow still manage to make the overall playing experience a blast. Keeping this in mind, we’ve had a hard time deciding which game is actually best Metro game out there. 

GameRelease DateGame DeveloperGaming Platform
Metro 2033March 16, 20104A GamesPC, Xbox 360
Metro: Last LightMay 14, 20134A GamesPC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Metro ExodusFebruary 15, 20194A GamesPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Metro Exodus: Enhanced EditionMay 6, 20214A GamesPC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

All Metro Games in order of release

There are four Metro games in the Metro game series. These include Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, Metro Redux, and Metro Exodus. Metro: Last Light is a direct sequel to Metro 2033, and Metro Exodus is the third installment in the Metro Game trilogy. On the other hand, Metro Redux is basically a remastered version of the first two games. 

Metro 2033

Predominantly set in the Moscow Metro tunnels, Metro 2033 has you assume the role of a man named Artyom. Your objective in the game is to save your home station from what lurks within the darkness of the Metro. Rest assured, there’s plenty of things to fear in Metro 2033 – you’ll be fending off humans and mutants alike with different firearms.

As if that’s not bad enough already, you’ll also need a gas mask. No, this is not a fashion statement – you’ll need it to protect yourself from fallout radiation while you explore.  

The best word to describe this 2010 first-person shooter is oppressive. In Metro 2033, escaping by the skin of one’s teeth will definitely make you think 5 steps ahead. Adrenaline inducing to its very core, one wrong move in Metro 2033 could lead you to a death trap. 

metro 2033

Metro: Last Light 

The sequel to Metro 2033 gives a front-row seat to Artyom’s plight once again. Artyom’s task in Metro: Last Light is simple – find the mysterious Dark Ones. In order to do that, he’ll find himself journeying through the metro system, the surface contaminated by radioactive gasses, and taking on various rival factions and mutants. 

The second installment has some tricks up its sleeve. For instance, Last Light not only improved certain 2033 gameplay mechanics but also introduced weapon customization. 

Action takes a back seat in Metro: Last Light. Although there’s plenty of action to go around, you’ll get the most out of Last Light by going slow, and taking your time. ‘Patience is a virtue’ rings true in Metro: Last Light and stealth is the way to go. 

Metro Redux 

Metro Redux lets you have your cake and eat it too. Essentially, Metro Redux is a remake of both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light in the new and improved 4A Engine. 

Building on the standard Metro atmosphere, Metro Redux’s depiction of post-apocalyptic Russia is hauntingly beautiful. The details of this enhancement of a cult classic will surely leave you speechless. 

This addition to the Metro series guarantees hours of fun wrapped in a neat package with a superb story. Filled to the brim with superior stealth gameplay and overall creepiness, Metro Redux has Artyom making his way through the mutant-infested Metro and the post-apocalyptic ruins of Moscow in search of the Dark Ones. 

Metro Exodus 

If you’re a fan of games like Days Gone, Metro Exodus is right up your alley. Unlike various first-person shooters focused on upping the tempo of the game, Metro Exodus demands you take your time and bask in its world. And bask you shall because there’s plenty of things to admire, ranging between abandoned stations to vast landscapes.

However, this might come as a shock after spending two years immersed in the claustrophobic atmosphere of Moscow’s Metro. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself looking across a sun-bleached scorching desert. 

A little Soviet-era steam train named Aurora will be your means of transportation in Exodus. Furthermore, you’ll finally get a taste of freedom in Exodus, albeit restrained by the size of its maps. Aurora’s every stop is skilfully crafted and detailed, and the weather, lighting, and atmosphere all change as the seasons go by. 

Metro Last Light and Metro 2033 vs Redux – what should you play first?

The Metro 2033 vs Redux dilemma is a tough pickle for sure. The general consensus among fans is that you should play them in order of release. Meaning, the game you ought to play first is Metro 2033, followed by Last Light. But if you’ve already played Metro 2033, and you can’t get over the little bugs, you should definitely try the Redux version. The game’s improved 4A engine also used in Last Light will put you in a much better mood. 


So, what is the best Metro game?

Picking the best Metro game is like picking your favorite dessert – freaking impossible. All the Metro games have their little flaws, but overall they’re pretty terrific games. What’s more, the Metro franchise is one of the rare franchises to consistently put out great games. Consequently, picking the best Metro game out of the bunch left fans racking their brains.

4A Games definitely doesn’t miss -Metro 2033 had us hooked from day one and Last Light left us in awe of the gameplay mechanics’ improvements. And to top it all off, Metro Redux gave us the best of both worlds on a fancy Metro-styled silver platter. Nonetheless, one particular Metro game stands out among the rest – Metro Exodus.

Let’s be honest, this was a very close call. Nevertheless, Exodus simply refused to be outshined by its predecessors. Whether we’re talking about its gameplay or its well-developed story, Metro Exodus nails it either way. The remaining Spartans’ adventure just had us feeling some type of way as we watched them explore the beautifully designed world of Metro Exodus in search of their new home.

So, what is the best Metro game?
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News about an upcoming Metro release

Hold onto your seats, we have a pretty exciting Metro update. Apparently, a new Metro game is in development. On their official website, 4A Games revealed the fact that they’ve already been working on a new Metro game. According to the update on their website, we’ll get to enjoy playing the next member of the Metro family on Gen 9 consoles and PC. 

But wait, we have more good news! For their next endeavor, the developers have set their sights even higher. Namely, 4A Games stated that the new Metro game will feature a full overhaul of their engine and renderer to ensure the best possible Metro playing experience on the consoles. Moreover, the developers are also determined to stick with the Metro basics. In other words, they’re pretty adamant about delivering an amazing single-player experience. 

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about the new Metro game. Nothing juicy yet, but we’re certain 4A Games will keep us in the loop. Frankly, we’re downright ecstatic over the prospect of a new Metro game, and we can’t wait to see what 4A Games will come up with. Just by looking at their track record so far, the next Metro game should be pretty darn good.

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