Best Munchkin Expansions – Top 5 Choices

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Munchkin is one of the most popular card games ever made and was designed by Steve Jackson Games. The game has captured the hearts of board game enthusiasts worldwide and developed a cult following. Its popularity is what makes What’s the best Munchkin expansion such a common question. Especially when you consider that the expansions are one of the leading factors to the success of the game. 

Since each adds to the game with new cards, mechanics, themes, and so much more. With enough creativity and time, these expansions can create a near-infinite amount of Munchkin versions.

For those unfamiliar Munchkin is a humorous take on RPGs. The goal of the game is to have the strongest character possible. At the start of the game, each player starts at level one and works their way up by killing monsters and such. This is quite straightforward but the interesting part starts once you realize that you can interact with other players and the monsters you fight. The game quickly becomes a fun and entertaining experience of you sabotaging your friends while trying to become the strongest. Each session typically lasts around an hour which is not too long considering other RPGs’ play times. 

All About Munchkin Expansions

Munchkin Expansions are additional card sets that can be incorporated into the base Munchkin game. Effectively they are DLC for the in-person role-playing card game. Each expansion introduces completely new elements, abilities, and monsters that expand the gameplay and provide a fresh challenge and strategy for players. 

These expansions usually come with a specific theme and each monster, treasure, class, race, and even mechanic are themed around it. By doing this expansions can completely revamp the game and the narrative of the game.

The best part of each expansion is that you have complete control of what you add and what you don’t. This is because players can tailor the gaming experience to their preferences and even mix expansions. Players often do this and create custom packs that perfectly suit their needs. No matter what you are a fan of the expansions cover a wide range of topics from Lovecraftian horror, zombies, Warhammer, apocalypses to even Disney.

Most expansions are made to work off of each other with some recurring mechanics to help everything blend. Just through these expansions, the replayability of Munchkin has kept up. For those that have played for a long time with them, it’s quite unusual to go back to the base game. Here we have prepared our picks for the best Munchkin expansions that are great additions to it. Additionally, most of our picks mix well with each other so you will be able to create your custom mix. If you are willing you can also mix the themes that contrast to create a unique plot for your game.

Munchkin Legends

Munchkin Legends

Munchkin Legends is our first pick as it is the simplest edition of the base game. This expansion simply spices the original game with a bit of mythology and epic fantasy. This is done by introducing many legendary creatures, such as the Kraken and Boogie Man. There are also new classes like the Bard and Warrior Princess. Other than these characters there are many mythical items that are easily recognizable such as the Excalibur and Thor’s Hammer. Of course, there are many zany interactions in the expansion to keep with the Munchkin theme.

Munchkin Legends is also one of the easiest expansions to mix with others because it feels like it should be part of the original. This is the perfect choice for a first expansion especially if you love delving into legendary tales and mythologies.

Munchkin Cthulhu

The eerie and mysterious world of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos is one that has captivated thousands. For fans of that world, this is the perfect expansion, since if offers an incredible insight into the world. Through the cards added you see the cosmic horrors come to life through the twisted work of the cultists. However, no matter how dark the world of Cthulhu may be the humor from Munchkins still prevails even through the twisted artwork. This sanity-draining expansion will let your characters face off against eldritch monsters and Cthulhu himself.

With the unique theme comes a very unique mechanic such as Madness and joining cults. Overall this is a great expansion simply because it gives an amazing twist on the classic Munchkin gameplay loop.

Munchkin Apocalypse

Once you have experienced the horrors and Cthulu and the Legends of Past you might as well head into an Apocalypse. Munchkin Apocalypse is set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a nuclear war that reminds many gamers of Fallout. The unique mechanics of the expansion come in the form of the completely new Disaster cards which trigger cataclysmic events. These immensely powerful cards are only combated by the new classes, the Mutant and the Survivor. Players also gain access to new items like the Chainsaw and Radiation Suit.

This expansion is a great twist to the Munchikin experience simply because of the chaos it makes. While it can be played standalone it is best experienced when mixed with others, especially the Zombies expansion.

Munchkin Zombies

Munchkin Zombies

Munchkin Zombies explores a universe where the Munckins face a humorous and lighthearted zombie apocalypse. In it players, take control of zombies and utilize their undead abilities to overcome mundane obstacles and defeat opponents. Because you control zombies a new mechanic called ‘’Braaiiinnnns!’’ is introduced. Through it, players get a new way to level up by collecting brains. Accumulated brains can also be used to gain powerful abilities. These vary depending if you are a Zombie Cop or the Zombie Master. Just like other expansions, you get many other zombie-themed items and monsters to use and face. 

This expansion is great as it adds many layers of excitement and interesting classes. Additionally, the comedic tone it takes with most of its cards makes it one of the best expansions to get early on into your Munchkin journey.

Munchkin Disney

Disney is known for having millions of fans all around the world. It is quite hard to not know anything about it simply due to its size. The collaboration between Disney and Munchkins through this expansion is a very welcomed one. Many have called this one the best Munchkin expansion and with good reason. This expansion brings most of the iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, and so many more. All the cards in this expansion feature stunning Disney artwork along with mechanics to match. The best part is that both heroes and villains are incorporated into the expansion. Which easily makes this the best expansion for any Disney fan.

Furthermore, Disney works so well with the Munchkin formula and comedy. What makes it even better is that through all of the other expansions you can make very unique situations. Such as the Disney cast fighting off hoards of zombies or combating the likes of Cthulu.

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