The Top 50+ Dark Souls Quotes Ranked from Best to Worst

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There are few things that can get the heart pumping and the soul warm the way Dark Souls Quotes can. The games themselves have collected a huge following thanks to their notorious difficulty. So much so, in fact, that they helped spawn an entire genre – “Soulslike” games, aptly named after the franchise.

The universe spans 3 Dark Souls games, a loosely connected world in Bloodborne, and Demon’s Souls. Although Sekiro is also technically a Soulslike game, it’s set in a whole different part of the world. That’s why you can barely make any connections between Sekiro and the other four games. Still, it deserves an honorable mention.

It makes sense that games with such notorious difficulty must have some sort of motivation system behind them. Most players give up after a few tries when they see that it isn’t working. They need something to keep them going and keep them hooked. Other genres of video games inspire their players through the promise of reward.

However, Soulslike games don’t offer you this luxury. They don’t have a clear-cut objective or a quest. There are no fancy rewards in flashing letters once you win a boss fight. In fact, the only letters you see are the ones on the infamous “YOU DIED” screen, reminding you of your failure.

The only thing waiting after you beat that boss you’ve been working on for two weeks is the feeling of satisfaction. Then, it’s off to the next boss that’ll inevitably kill you 2000 times before you learn how to beat it. It’s a gruesome process that only a chosen few can endure. And by chosen few we mean the millions of players that have already finished the Soulsborne games. Dark Souls players are a different breed.

To help push themselves forward, players have enjoyed reflecting on some of the quotes that the characters themselves say often in these games. Some of them may stand out more than others, depending on who you ask. Let’s have a look at the top 50+ Dark Souls quotes!

Dialogues in Dark Souls

Many players don’t have much of an idea about the plot in the Dark Souls franchise and require some recaps. This is either because they weren’t following the story well enough, or because the story wasn’t clear enough in the first place. Then again, there are others who are so entangled and entranced by the Soulsborne games’ lore that they could tell you all about it.

Whether you’re the first type of player or the second, one thing all players will remember is the phenomenal scriptwriting evident all throughout the Soulsborne series.

If there’s any testament to the fact of how much certain game developers love their games, it’s the dialogue and lore present within the world itself. Of course, this also depends on the genre of the games themselves. A simple hack-and-slash game won’t really give off the same vibe a full-blown RPG will.

The games themselves have a dark and gloomy vibe to them, too. You drop down into a barren, desolate world where the dead have risen. Your task is to find a cure for the curse that befell them. Bloodborne’s plot follows much the same narrative, though the plot unfolds in a completely different world from the Dark Souls games.

But one thing that really makes the game come alive is the dialogue. The tone of voice of each character you come across really brings home the severity of the situation. In Dark Souls 3, the disappearance of all the Lords of Cinder who have left their thrones is a plot point that hits hard when you’re paying attention. Ludleth’s colossus line really delivers the intended emotions for this plot point.

Of course, character design also plays a part, but the voice is the first thing you’ll actually listen to in the game. As we learned from games like Final Fantasy X, if the voice acting is off, it throws the whole game off too.

Even as you listen to the intro cutscene of each game, you won’t have much to do or move around with. Luckily, FromSoftware recognized the importance of this aspect of the Soulsborne games and worked hard to make the dialogue impeccable. 

Without further ado, let’s enjoy some of the best Dark Souls quotes!

Funniest Dark Souls Quotes

Although we’ve already mentioned that the Dark Souls universe is a dark one and the general mood of the games is gloomy, that doesn’t mean the devs can’t have a bit of fun with the characters.

When we think of the funniest or wittiest Dark Souls characters, a good few come to mind. There are even a few instances where the devs directly poke fun at the players, such as the line with the Crestfallen Knight, which appears in the list below.

Characters like Patches, Gavlan, Solaire of Astora, and Hawkeye Gough really help work the magic into the more lighthearted parts of the game. Upon reading these lines you’ll realize that not all of them are exactly funny in the way you would expect. However, any Dark Souls player can tell you that it’s the delivery of the voice acting that makes the lines iconic.

This is most evident in Straid of Olaphis’s line calling you “feeble cursed one”. The line itself is probably meant to sound scary and intimidating, but we can’t help but laugh when hearing the voice line itself.

  1. “There, that hole. Take a closer look.” – Patches
  2. “If only I could be so grossly incandescent!” – Solaire of Astora
  3. “Thought you could outwit an onion? Well, say hello to the nice giant! He adores visitors.” (laughs hysterically) – Unbreakable Patches
  4. “This is the only real direction in the story you’re ever going to get.” – Crestfallen Knight
  5. “Gavlan wheel, Gavlan deal!” – Lonesome Gavlan
  6. “You really are fond of chatting with me, aren’t you? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had feelings for me! Oh, no, dear me. Pretend you didn’t hear that! Hah hah hah!” – Solaire of Astora
  7. “Another Nana disappeared. So the grandson carries a cage. He ever has his cage. And Nana’s never coming back. So come into the cage and become Nana’s shade….” – Caged Hollow
  8. “Ah, dragonslaying. Knighthood’s highest calling.” – Hawkeye Gough
  9. “Feeble cursed one! Let’s hope the magnificence of my spells does not deter you! Heh heh!” – Straid of Olaphis
  10. “Cross the gaps between the worlds, and engage in jolly cooperation!” – Solaire of Astora
  11. “What’s bravery without a dash of recklessness.” – Hawkeye Gough
  12. “What good is a hound without hares to hunt? ” – Hawkeye Gough
  13. “The nice thing about weapons… they never betray you. So, pay them a little respect, eh?” – Andre of Astora
  14. “You detest my pyromancy! That must be it! Well… allow me to give you a taste of it… and it will not be pleasant, I assure you!” – Laurentius of the Great Swamp
  15. “Did I not explain the urgency of our tasks? Who are you so uncouth as to lack such judgement? By the looks of you… I should think not.” – Rhea of Thorolund

Badass Dark Souls Quotes for Gamers and Non-Gamers alike

Badass quotes are perfect for when you want to hype yourself up for the next boss fight. These quotes are also iconic in the series for the voice actors’ delivery, although this time the mood is more powerful than funny.

Lorian’s “rise, if you would” line is a perfect example of this. The music only serves to further kindle the flames (no pun intended) and get you pumped up for the impending boss fight.

  1. Maybe we’re all cursed from the moment we’re born.
  2. “I may be but small, but I will die a colossus.”
  3. “I am Seigmeyer of Catarina, and you shall feel MY WRATH!”
  4. “Brother, unyielding sword of Lothric’s Prince. Rise, if you would… For that is our curse”
  5. “This spot marks our grave, but you may rest here too, if you would like”
  6. Many monarchs have come and gone. One drowned in poison, another succumbed to flame. Still another slumbers in a realm of ice. Not one of them stood here, as you do now. You, conqueror of adversities. Give us your answer. -Aldia
  7. “And so it is, that ash seeketh embers.”
  8. “My blade may break, my arrows fall wide, but my will shall never be broken. Those who live by the sword will die by it, and I, Drummond, won’t go down without drawing mine!” – Knight Captain Drummond
  9. “But even so, one day the flames will fade, and only Dark will remain. And even a legend such as thineself can do nothing to stop that.”
  10. “A knight of Carim does not forgive betrayal…not ever” Eygon
  11. “Drangleic will fall. The fire will fade, and the souls of old will reemerge. With Dark unshackled, a curse will be upon us. And men will take their true shape…”
  12. “There is no path… beyond the scope of light, beyond the reach of Dark… what could possibly await us…? And yet we seek it, insatiably… such is our fate.”
  13. “Touch the darkness inside me”
  14.  The poor, wretched souls… Be they lord or legend, the curse shows no mercy. What a sham.
  15. “If I were told that by killing you I would be free from this curse I would draw my blade without hesitation” – Lucatiel 
  16. “Thou who art Undead art Chosen. In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum, maketh pilgrimage to the land of of ancient Lords. Once thou ringeth the Bell of Awakening, the fate of the Undead thou shalt know.”

Wise Dark Souls Quotes

These are the Dark Souls quotes that have made us reflect and wonder. Dark Souls has always been a franchise that plays with the concept of fate and philosophy. 

After hearing most of these voice lines, you’ll often find yourself thinking about their deeper, hidden meaning. This is the impact the scriptwriters wanted to have, and we can only imagine they’re glad to have touched the hearts of many.

  1. “Seek strength … the rest will follow” – Vendrick
  2. “Lead thy life as thou seest fit.” 
  3. “Sorcery of Manus, Father of the Abyss. Grant a fleeting will to the Dark of humanity, and volley the result. The will feels envy, or perhaps love, and despite the inevitably trite and tragic ending, the will sees no alternative, and is driven madly toward its target.”
  4. “Men develop the most peculiar fascinations. Sometimes their fascinations seem to take control. Till there’s very little man left.”
  5. “For the curse of life is the curse of want. And so you peer into the fog. In hope of answers.”
  6. But, seduced by a Dark serpent or no, They awoke that thing themselves, and drove it mad. One’s demise is always one’s own making.
  7.  “Death is is equitable; accepting. We will all one day be welcomed by her embrace”. -Agdayne
  8. “Fire came to be, and with it, Disparity.  Heat and cold, life and death, Light and Dark. Dark was seen as a curse.  Shadow is not cast, but born of fire. And, the brighter the flame, the deeper the shadow. Inherit fire, and harness the Dark.  Such is the calling of a true leader…”
  9.  “Why do people try so hard to be beautiful? We cats are born beautiful, or course. Hee hee… The human ego… How many ugly iron castles has it erected? And they don’t even see the folly of their ways. But that’s what makes watching humankind so delightful.”

Heart-Warming Dark Souls Quotes

The Dark Souls franchise is not without its wholesome moments. Forging friendships like the one with the Giant Blacksmith only serves to endear the game further.

Alternatively, if you find that two characters have a long and complicated history with each other, these Dark Souls Quotes will hit just as hard. Our first quote is a perfect example of that:

  1. “Yhorm, old friend…”
  2. “You, is that not… The soul of the man who fell on this spot, he was a dear friend. I wish to pay proper respect, with that Soul. Would you be willing to part with it?”
  3. “Mayest thou thine peace discover.”
  4. “Life is a journey… And every journey eventually leads to home…” -Crestfallen Sauldon
  5. “Farewell, good Hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world.”
  6. “Aah, you were at my side, all along. My true mentor… My guiding moonlight…”
  7. “But you, friend. You talk, I no talk, but happy.”
  8. “Though art strong human. Surely, thine kind are more than pure dark” -Artorias
  9. You have a heart of gold. Don’t let them take it from you.
  10. “You good friend. I very happy.”
  11. “I would hate to harm you after death. So, go now…and thank you.”
  12. “Ashen One, hearest thou my voice still?”

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