Countdown to the Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapon | Top 10 list

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Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic setting puts the player in some interesting situations. Be it paired with interesting companions or weird weapons. From a wide spectrum of melee and ranged weapons. Of the two, melee weapons give the players a bigger thrill. The best always shine, and players often look for the Fallout 4 best melee weapon to use in their journey. Knowing what to include in your loadout will surely help you on your mission.

Top 10 Countdown to the Fallout 4 best melee weapon 

Picking the Fallout 4 best melee weapon is no easy task, due to the sheer amount of options the player has. But you can’t say that some weapons don+t outshine the rest. Here are our top picks for the Fallout 4 best melee weapon taking into account multiple playstyles. The shocking fact is that most of the best weapons can be found fairly early on in the game. Allowing players to instantly start playing their favorite builds

10# Chinese Officer Sword

After experiencing all of the medium attack speed weapons in the game, the Chinese Officer Sword easily stands out. The look, damage, and feel of the weapon are simply amazing. Additionally, you can upgrade it by adding a serrated edge, which implements bleed damage. This is counted on top of the already great energy damage the weapon deals.

This weapon also comes in some unique variants that players have mixed opinions on. The variants increase the damage you deal against specific enemies, like the General Chao variant dealing 50% more damage against mechs. While the Sword of Wonders version of the blade straight up ignores 30% of the enemies resistance.The weapon is obtained by finishing the ‘’Here There Be Monsters’’ quest.

9# Shem Drowne Sword

The Shem Drowne Sword is a melee weapon the player can get from the Gilded Grasshopper quest. During the quest, you just have to check the grave of Shem Drowne and it will be there. It has a damage value of 16 and it deals additional radiation damage. Making it one of the best radiation damage melee weapons in the game.

What makes it even better is its lightweight which allows you to carry other heavy weapons alongside it. It’s important to note that the radiation damage is applied from two sources, one from the initial hit and the second from the dot it applies.

8# General Chao’s Revenge

Standing as the Fallout 4 best melee weapon in the sword category it is no surprise that it is on our list. The feeling of decimating enemies it gives makes it a great option. The biggest upside of it is its unanturally high base damage of 40. This is paired with good weapon speed and its special ability which allows it to deal 50% more damage to mechs. Making it the best robot killer in the game.

To get this sword you just need to fish the side quest with Wolfgang, which will unlock the weapon from the merchant Trudy. Just make sure to have a lot of caps saved up since the weapon is pretty expensive.

7# Big Jim

Big Jim is a variant of the Heavy Pipe Wrench, a big weapon that is useful for pummeling smaller enemies. This weapon is amazing on its own especially got at dealing with armored enemies conviniently. The Big Jim variant is the most sought-after of all Heavy Pipe Wrenches and is easily tracked down. It is located at the drainage pipe at the Walden Pond, which can be accessed in the first hour of the game.

Its unique passive gives it the kneecapper effect that is very useful against almost all of the enemies you will face. The only thing bad about the weapon is its slow weapon speed.

6# Furious Power Fist

The Furious Power Fist is Fallout 4’s incarnation of the iconic weapon that is implemented in nearly every version of the series. It is a device built to snuggly fith on wour wrist and pulverize your opposition. Its stats attone to this with the base damage of 28 and attack speed of 23.8. This paired with its combo passive makes it have a very high potential DPS. The combo builds up with each hit, increasing the damage of the Fist.

Locating the Furious Power Fist will require you to defeat the Swan in the Boston Common pool, which can be quite challenging.

5# Super Sledge

One of the best damage dealing weapons that can be found early on into the game is the Super Sledge. This heavy duty hammer is built do destroy enemies in your path. The Super Sledge by itself is a quite good weapon but the Atom Judgment variant makes it insane. This variant can be found during the Children of Adam faction questline.

Players that love to brute force games will love this weapon thanks to its nature and great feeling to use. It is considered one of the best weapons in the game, even the best by some.

4# Deathclaw Gauntlet

Undoutebly one of the coolest and historical weapons in the Fallout series, as well as a returning classis. For it to not be a part of a Fallout 4 best melee weapon list is a crime. The Deathclaw gauntlet has the base damage of 35 with a dps of 30.

This may not seem much at first glance, but this weapon shines only after you upgrade it. Granting it a third claw and pairing it with the Iron Fist perk makes it an excellent weapon to use in Fallout 4.

To get it is quite easy, all you need to do is buy if off a level 20 merchant or through the side quest Devil’s Due.

3# Grognak’s Axe

The Grognak’s Axe takes its inspiration from a charachter in the Fallout comics, Grognak the Barbarian. Its damage and DPS make it a fairly well off heavy weapon. Paired with the fact that it does both bleed and stagger, makes it great for cleaving down big groups of enemies.

But the real strength of the weapon is brough out when you use it while in VATS. This scenario makes the axe arguably overpowered.

Getting Grognak’s Axe is a little tricky since you need to head inside Hubris Comics and pick an advanced lock. For those bad with lockpicking this can prove to be a real challenge.

2# Shishkebab

The second weapon on our list is the funnily put fairly name Shishkebab. This sword is considered to be the Fallout 4 best melee weapon, located in the Saugus Ironworks. The Skishkebab is guaranteed to help you out in all stages of the game. Its base damage is a surprisingly low 13 but it makes it up with an additional 13 energy damage on top.

Its medium attack speed somehow feels faster while wielding this powered katana. Its unique steampunk look only enhances the experience of chopping down enemies. Lastly, when you swing the weapon it glows flaming red and emits fire from its nozzles.


What is the best melee weapon in Fallout 4 including DLC? 

Of all the weapons we have listed, one stands at the top of the pile. The Fallout 4 best melee weapon is easily the Kremvh’s Tooth. It deals insane physical damage while adding poison damage on top. Kremvh’s Tooth compensates for its insane damage by its difficulty to get. 

To get this revered weapon you need to clear the Dunwich Borers dungeon and locate it in the last room of the area. Its whopping base damage of 59 and DPS of 50 easily make this journey worth it.

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More top ranks of Fallout 4 best melee weapons 

If you are looking for some specifics or weapons that are best in a specific slot to maximize a certain build. It is important to take note of all the most important attributes that being weapon damage and weapon speed.

What melee weapon in Fallout 4 does the most damage? 

The weapon that does the most damage in Fallout 4 is of course also the Fallout 4 best melee weapon, that being Kremvh’s Tooth. Its insanely high base damage of 59 easily overshadows everything else in the game. This is further increased with its signature and highly popular mod that improves all of its abilities. 

The mod is called the ‘’sacrificial blade’’ and makes the weapon deal both bleed and poison damage. Which makes the weapon only gap the rest of the roster further.

What is the fastest melee weapon in Fallout 4?

The fastest melle weapon in Fallout 4 is  one of the simplest weapons in the game, that being Pickman’s Blade. Its base damage is about 30 but its incredible attack speed brings the DPS up to 60. This paired with the bleeds it procks makes it a great weapon option.

It can be found behind the painting in the Pickman’s Gallery inside a safe. You get access to this reward after completing the Pickman’s Gift quest.

What is the best knife in Fallout 4? 

The Fallout 4 best melee weapon is also the best knife in Fallout 4. It’s funny how much the Kremvh’s Tooth overshadows all other weapons and knives in the game. The developers have made it not only look amazing but feel amazing to use. Which adds great enjoyment to anyone using the blade.

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