Is Metro 2033 worth playing in 2023?

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Metro 2033 is one of the most prolific first-person shooter survival horror games from the 2010s. The game was developed by 4A Games and published by THQ and has seen massive success. As the first game in the series, it is a fan favorite that started one of the largest survival horror franchises in gaming. So far, The series has five games, with the latest released in 2019. However two of which are definitive versions of the first two titles.

The world of Metro was inspired by the books of Roger Zelazny and the first Fallout game. This paired with the developer’s previous experience with STALKER the game fit its tone perfectly. Many of these little details made the game shine and stand out on its first release. In the end, once the game was released for Windows and Xbox, it immediately received lots of praise. Despite the studio’s rushed marketing efforts, the game sold more than 1.5 million copies just two years into its life. With a sequel was quickly released just three years later in 2013.

Metro 2033 Walkthrough

Metro 2033 is a game that provides a unique experience to its players through its atmospheric and frightening gameplay. Set in a haunting post-apocalyptic world in Moscow’s underground Metro system. These tunnels are packed with dangerous mutated creatures around every corner waiting to ambush you. The horror of this is perfectly emphasized through the first-person perspective and deliberate shooting mechanics. However, the monsters are not the only thing you have to keep an eye out for, because there are many hostile factions running about.

Bouncing the endless pursuit of the monsters and balancing human relations with a deep moral system. This makes each decision the player makes crucial as you go toward the end of the game. Based on these you will get one of the two possible endings. Aside from the moral system players must also manage their gas masks. As most areas are too toxic to survive without one they become essential for survival. This is especially important when venturing to the surface and scavenging for ammunition, filters, and other important supplies for survival.

Players will be armed with a plethora of weapon types including: 

  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Assault rifles
  • Sniper rifles
  • Submachine guns
  • Throwing knives
  • Pneumatic weapons

Each weapon type is unique and incredibly useful at each point of the game. These weapons can be customized and upgraded by using scraps and parts found in the world. Which can make each weapon unique and more useful. Players can expect to be with these weapons through the 10-12 hour gameplay time. However, this time does depend on each player’s skill and curiosity.  Those that wish to complete and see everything can expect to double the playtime which is quite nice.

Metro 2033 ice and citiy in the background

What is the main difference between Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light?

The differences between Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light are quite apparent once you have played through both games. While true that both games follow the story of Artyom and his adventures there are distinct differences. One of the biggest changes comes in the shift of tone and focus from the first to the second game. This is the change from the more people and politics-focused story of the first game to the exploration of the second. Essentially Metro Last Light paints a larger focus on the exploration of the post-apocalyptic world and everything it has hidden. 

The sequel also focuses more on Artyom’s actions and the many choices made in Metro 2033. This provides more insight into the complex relations and the world you explore. Gameplay wise the game improves the important mechanics from the original and proves to be a great sequel. This is further improved in the Redux version of the game released just a year later.

How many chapters are in Metro 2033?

The game’s 8-day story is told through 7 chapters that follow the events that unfold before us. Each chapter serves as a thrilling and important part of the story where players will have to make important decisions. In the end, based on the second game, only one ending is cannon which is a shame. But this does leave it up to the players to see if they acted true to the characters from the book series.

1. Let the Journey Begin

The game begins with an introduction to the protagonist Artyom as he starts his journey through the dark and dangerous Moscow Metro system. We also get an introduction to the world and the many monsters inhabiting the metro and Surface. Additionally, the most dangerous monsters called the Dark Ones are introduced through some flashbacks and dialogue in the present.

2. Bourbon

In the second chapter, Artyom teams up with a man named Bourbon and navigates the metro tunnels. On this journey they encounter various threats they must fend off to reach their goal. Not knowing that this quest will shape their lives in ways no one could have foreseen.

3. Khan

On his journey, Artyom meets Khan, a very mysterious figure who provides guidance and shares information about the dark forces. His wits and unique world point prove to be an interesting factor in the story of the game.

4. War

Eventually, Artyoms adventures make his story take a turn as he encounters many escalating conflicts. These wars between the many factions in the Metro are a constant threat to the mission. This forces Artyom to fight through to reach the Moscow Central Library. 

5. Hope

Following the many conflicts Artyom continues his quest to find a solution to the dark menace threatening the Metro. With the aid of his companions, they barely manage to reach the old military facility.

6. D6

Once reaching the D6 military facility the plot intensifies as Artyom delves deeper into the truth. With the help of Khan, we learn more about the Dark Ones and are faced with a choice.

7. Tower

The ending of the game puts Artyom against the ultimate challenges in the Tower. Here the fate of the Metro and the Dark Ones is determined. This is where your choices will matter most and grant you your earned ending.

What are the Metro 2033 Levels?

Metro 2033 levels usually refer to the chapters players go through on a playthrough. These levels vary in length and difficulty but all serve to drive the story forward. The same concept stays through to Metro Last Light with the objective of getting you from one point to another. The third installment in the series does switch this up as it introduces more of a sandbox style of gameplay to its levels.

What are the popular Metro 2033 weapons?

Here we have hand-picked 8 of our best weapons in Metro 2033 and Metro 2033 Redux. This list will be catered to our preference with a bit of variety. Each weapon type has been considered, including throwables and melee weapons. Overall each of these weapons will serve useful to you on a playthrough. 

  • Revolver – A very good pistol with a unique ammo type and great upgrade paths, overall the best early-game weapon
  • Kalash – One of the best rifles in the game as it is cost-efficient and completely lacks overheating compared to the starting rifle
  • Shambler – A very practical shotgun that offers a wide range of customization to suit each situation perfectly.
  • Tikhar- In our opinion the best pneumatic weapon, it has great range and utilizes very common ammunition.
  • Flamethrower – A late-game weapon that is devastating in particular situations in the later stages of the game. Almost a must-have in the Darkstar mission.
  • Kalash 2012 – Easily the best assault rifle in the game due to its impressive stats. This gun can further be enhanced to be optimized.
  • Abzats – This is one beast of a shotgun that will mow down anything in your path.
  • Hellbreath – This pneumatic weapon is very strong with its only downside being its rarity. 

These guns are all amazing and will offer you great loadout options no matter which point of the game you are at. Some like the Kalash and Shamber can be found periodically throughout the game which is their biggest strength. This is because you can quite often find upgraded versions of them for free on the ground as you play the game.

Metro 2033 Gameplay, how many hours do you need to finish the game?

Metro 2033 is a fairly long game for its time, with a playtime of 10 to 12 hours for a standard playthrough. Players that wish to speed this process up can cut this time down by a few hours especially if they utilize guides.

When was Metro 2033 released?

Metro 2033 was initially released back in 2010 for Windows and Xbox. The game was very well received and sparked one of the most popular survival horror game series in the industry. The game was so good that it got a Redux just four years after its release. Thanks to the many improvements Metro 2033 Redux is the best version of the game and the one you should play.

Metro 2033 game FAQ-s

Here are some of the most common questions regarding Metro 2033 and its universe.

1. What is Metro 2033 and what is the gameplay like?

Metro 2033’s gameplay is just like many first-person shooting games but with a horror twist. The many monsters players face will send a chill down your spine and justify the horror elements of the game. The game features many unique mechanics that affect each playthrough in various ways.

2. What is the storyline of Metro 2033?

The story of Metro 2033 follows Artyom’s mission to save his home and fend off the supernatural threat. This quest takes him through many underground tunnels, warzones, and endless mutant creatures. Ultimately the journey is full of moral dilemmas that shape the fate of Artyom and the many Metro citizens.

3. What weapons and equipment are available in Metro 2033?

Metro 2033 allows players to use a wide variety of weapons and equipment to fight the post-apocalyptic world. These include weapons, knives, gas masks, grenades, and other useful survival items.

4. How does the moral system work in Metro 2033?

The moral system in Metro 2033 functions based on off-player choices in key moments of the game. These are usually decisions regarding the life and death of key characters in the game. The decisions players choose affect the ending of the game as well as some interactions with characters and factions within the Metro. 

5. Are there any differences between the original Metro 2033 and the Redux version?

While ultimately Metro 2033 Redux is just a remaster of Metro 2033 there are many differences worth noting. Most of these are cosmetic and performance upgrades as well as some quality-of-life improvements. Overall the Redux is the best way to experience the story of Metro 2033 and a great purchase, especially on sale.

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