What are the benefits of Metro Redux, and what is different from past versions?

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Metro redux was a highly anticipated remastering compilation of the then two-part action horror FPS title. Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light despite their fairly recently received a Redux build. This was very well received especially considering the disparities between the first and second titles. Metro Redux was developed by 4A Games, the original Ukranian developer. 

The new version would focus on giving players the best experience of the Metro story through many improvements. Another great benefit of the Redux would be the release on PlayStation 4 a previously uncovered platform. Of course, the game was also released on PC and then Xbox One.

What comes in the Metro Redux package?

The Metro Redux package was the most popular edition of the game upon release. It featured both games packed up in one bundle. This made it the best purchase as you would immediately gain access to the full Metro story and experience.

Metro 2033 Redux

Metro 2033 Redux came with many improvements compared to Metro 2033. The game featured new and improved lighting due to the new engine as well as better performance. This was a great upgrade especially since even those with the best specs had issues with Metro 2033. Metro 2033 Redux also introduced a day and night cycle despite most of the game being set in the Metro. Even with this, the clock served as a great way to get continuity as you play through the stunning story.

The swap to the new engine allowed all platforms to properly run the game at a stable 60fps. This was the feature that pleased the community the most as it finally brought Metro 2033 up to speed with modern titles. Furthermore, certain stages were tweaked to play better such as Dead City.

Some features from Metro Last Light also made it into Metro 2033 Redux. Some of the most notable are the stealth attacks, weapon customization, and mechanics such as cleaning your mask. As well as the introduction of Metro Last Light weapons into the title.

metro 2033 redux gameplay

Metro Last Light Redux

The Metro Last Light Redux came with many improvements just like its predecessor. The game received numerous graphical updates that utilized the full capabilities of the new engine. Gameplay was further tweaked and improved to feel smoother and more responsive. Another great benefit was that all previous Metro Last Light DLC would be included in the Redux build by default. This came as great news to fans who feared the Redux would be insanely expensive.

The game also supported the immensely popular Ranger Mode. This mode made the game very difficult and added a sense of realism through a few clever tricks. Players using this mode would have to face more difficult enemies and play with no HUD all while essential supplies were made much rarer. 

Overall while Metro Last Light Redux did a lot to improve the game the differences were not too steep. This is in large part to only one year separating the two title releases. However, the remake was still well received even if it favored Metro 2033.

Metro Last Light Redux Dancers

Which Metro should I play first?

For players new to the series the best course of action is to play the games in order. This means playing Metro 2033 followed by Metro Last Light. We advise that you do not look up how to get the cannon endings but play as you like. But before going to the second game if you did not get the cannon ending, look it up. This is important because the events in the second game follow up on the canonical ending of Metro 2033. 

As for the endings of Metro Last Light, it is the same if you are going to play Metro: Exodus. So don’t stress too much about your decisions within a playthrough. 

Metro 2033 or Metro 2033 Redux

If you have the option to choose we highly advise that you play Metro 2033 Redux. Not only for the graphical and gameplay updates but because of the improved optimization. Metro 2033 would barely run on even the best systems nowadays due to poop compatibility. This single fact makes Metro 2033 tRedux the definitive and most enjoyable version of the game.

Metro Last Light or Metro Last Light Redux

Just like the first game in the series Metro Last Light’s best version to play is Metro Last Light Redux. This is because the game, despite its few differences, boasts updated graphics and improved gameplay mechanics. These differences are noticeable enough to make playing this title a very easy decision compared to Metro Last Light.

What are the Major Changes in Metro 2033 Redux?

Metro Redux brought many changes to both titles but Metro 2033 received most of the love. So much so that fans playing through it almost saw it as a completely new game. Without further ado lets get into the major changes in Metro 2033 Redux.

  • Improved Graphics: Metro 2033 Redux improved lighting, textures, and visual fidelity, and improved the environments of the game thanks to the new engine.
  • Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics: Many refined gameplay mechanics were introduced such as improved weapons and AI behavior alongside mechanics from Metro Last Light
  • Reduced Anomalies: By reducing the number of supernatural anomalies the gameplay was made less frustrating which many fans appreciated.
  • Bonus Content: More side-missions and unique content were added to enrich the experience and world of the game.

Metro 2033 vs Metro 2033 Redux

The two titles share the same core storyline, characters, and setting. Although the graphical and mechanical differences easily make Metro 2033 Redux stand out as the stronger version of the game. This left Metro 2033 for players that wish to experience the original experience, even if it is lacking.

Are Metro 2033 and Metro 2033 Redux the same?

While an argument for this can be made due to the same core storyline, the games are not quite the same. Metro 2033 Redux is an upgraded version of the original Metro 2033 with many improved aspects. The improved graphics, gameplay mechanics, and bonus content make it the superior choice and better game in comparison.

Metro Last Light vs Metro Last Light Redux

Compared to Metro 2033 Redux and Metro 2033, the sequel has much less to talk about when it comes down to differences. However, Metro Last Light Redux still remains the upgraded and better version of the game. Which makes it the better choice for players looking to experience its story.

Are Metro Last Light and Metro Last Light redux the same?

The two games are not the same since Metro Last Light Redux is an improved version of the game. Its many improvements to the graphics, gameplay, and other areas make it a standalone title.

Where can you purchase Metro Redux 2033?

Metro Redux 2023 is available for purchase on a plethora of gaming platforms and online stores. This includes PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and even on the Nintendo Switch.

Can you buy Metro Redux 2033 on Epic Games?

Yes, you can purchase Metro Redux 2033 on the Epic Games Store on PC. There is also a Metro Redux bundle which includes both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux. We highly advise you to pick the bundle up if you have a coupon or a sale is going on.

Can you buy Metro Redux 2033 on Steam?

Yes, you can purchase Metro Redux 2033 on Steam. Just like on the Epic Games Store you can buy the game individually or choose the Metro Saga Bundle. This bundle includes Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Last Light Redux, Metro Exodus, and the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass. If caught on sale this bundle is by far the best purchase. This is because you will get access to the whole series in their definitive editions for a discounted price.

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